Mesach Semakula Speaks Out About Fathering Namulondo's Son, Explains Why He Introduced Him to the Public

Posted on May 24, 2023
By Editor
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Papa Mesach Semakula has finally come out and opened up about ongoing rumors of ever chewing actress Evelyn Namulondo, he has also explained why he introduced her son Hero Samuel Semakula among his own.

Speaking out during a video interview, Mesach opened up and said that he is a parental figure of very many different kinds of individuals hence why he never mentions the number of kids he has.

Mesach mentioned that Hero Samuel Semakula being a close friend to his son Shadrack, makes him his son as well.

All this comes out after he set netizens’ tongues wagging when he included Evelyn Namulondo’s son Hero among the kids he unveiled to the revellers as his.

This saw a section of internet users theorise that Mesach Semakula sired a kid with Evelyn Namulondo, and opted to disclose the long-kept secret at his just concluded concert at Serena Hotel.

Watch his response below:

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