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Felista Di Superstar Concert Organizer Reportedly Runs Away with Cash Worth Ugx 50Million

Teenage rapper Faith Nanyanzi aka Felista Di Superstar has shockingly come out and announced the cancellation of her “Felista Fest” 2024 Live Concert that was scheduled for 1st April 2024

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TikToker Pressure 24 7 Remanded Back to Luzira Prison for 2 Weeks After Bail Denial

Famous for always abusing and attacking otherts, TikTok contenr creator Pressure 24/7, real names, Ibrahim Musana has today appeared before Buganda Road Court to answer on charges of him abusing and t

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Singer Daxx Kartel’s Wife Momo 19 Reportedly Gives Birth to Twins After Years of Struggling

Afters of struggling to concieve a child, fighting witchcraft and breakups, seasonal TV presenter Momo 19 has reportedly given birth to a set of twins for her husband and singer, Daxx Kartel Omuryerub

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VIDEO: Shakib Cham Lutaaya Gets Lovie Dovie with DJ Alisha In New Trending Videos

Just days after deleting all his photos with wife Zari Hassan, city smartwire Shakib Cham Lutaaya has now been spotted in newly released video clips smooching and getting all cozy with city DJ Alisha,

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Weasel Manizo Accuses Azawi and Swangz Avenue of Stealing Mowzey Radio’s Song Book

The remaining half of Radio and Weasel Duo, singer Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel Manizo has come out and accused Swangz Avenue of stealing his partner Mowzey Radio's book and giving out his songs to

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Fik Gaza Gifted with the Same Rang Rover Alien Skin Was Driving Last Year

On 30th June 2023 as singer Alien Skin returned back to the country from a performance abroad, he unveiled a Range Rover Sport which he posed as his only for him to loose it 2 months later, now his ri

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Singer Fik Gaza’s Crew Arrested for Violence and Terrorizing Neighboorhood

The notorious crew of Ugandan singer Shafiq Dangote, aka  Fik Gaza, faced a dramatic arrest by armed men, causing a wave of concern in the neighborhood. Contrary to initial reports, Fik Gaza hims

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Gravity Omutujju in Tears After Bobi Wine Copyright Striking His ‘Doboozi Lya’Mutuuze’ Song From YouTube

The battle between Gravity Omutujju and Bobi Wine has taken a new twist after Bobi Win Copyright striking Omutujju's new song, 'Doboozi Lya Mutuuze,' deleting it from YouTube and leving hi

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TikToker Gold Vivi aka Kaitesi Vivian OnlyFans Video Clips Trending On Twitter

Famed OnlyFans and TikTok personality, Kaitesi Vivian, aka Gold Vivi is now the talk of town after her videos surfaced on various social media platforms the videos not only laid bare Gold Viv'

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Pretty Nicole Photos and Videos Trending Online, Clips Leave Many Speechless

Social media is buzing with TikToker Emmanuella Musimenta, aka Pretty Nicole after her photos and video clips trending allover, these have come out just days after escaping from her mothers home and g

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Winnie Nwagi Yearns for Chozen Blood’s Attention in New Leaked Audio Recording

As the rest of the world is celebrating love through Valentine's day, singer Winnie Nwagi is yearning for it from fellow singer Chozen Blood according to a newly leaked audio recording that has si

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The Tragic Story of How ‘Toka Kwa Balabala’ Singer Adam Mulwana Was Poisoned to Death (VIDEO)

One hit wonder, known for his hit track "Toka Kwa Balabala" singer Adam Mulwana unfortunately breathed his last in the early hours of Tuesday, February 13, 2024, at Doctor’s Hospital &

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“Sheila Gashumba Asked Me Out on a Date and Footed All the Bills”- Grenade Official Narrates Lost Love

During an interview on Galaxy TV’s The Deep Talk Show with Mr. Henrie, singer Grenade Official opened up about the enchanting tale of his first love with Sheilah Gashumba, how she asked him out

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Singer Alien Skin Sets His Car on Fire, BMW Burns Down to Ashes While He Walks Away (VIDEO)

A video clip showing Fangone Forest boss, singer Alien Skin setting his car on fire has gone viral, showing the old-scrappy BMW burning down to ashes as the self proclaimed "Kibanda" walks a

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15 Year Old Pretty Nicole Disappears from Mothers Home and Gets Married to a Famous TikToker

Social media influencer, Pretty Nicole, has reportedly gone missing from her mother's home as they say that she ran away with a famous TikTok boyfriend who took her to chew non-stop according to H

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