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Mighty Family Comedian Okanya Sam Goes Missing, Friends and Family Blame Alex Muhangi

A few days ago, the Mighty Family comedian duo member Okanya Sam came out on his social media with a hot video clip attacking President Museveni and threatening him with serious warnings over Bobi Win

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Meet Camila Noorjan, the Woman Reportedly Chewing Pastor Andrew Jjengo's Cassava

Even though the 23 year old Pastor Andrew Jjengo recently came out and claimed that he was still single, our spy cameras have landed on his cassava chewer, Camilla Noorjan who is also an ABS TV presen

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Winnie Nwagi Exposes Mafias in Swangz Avenue Trying to Get Her Fired

Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi has comeout and exposed Mafias trying to get he fired even in the middle of her contract with the music recording label pushing her career. Rumor had been going ar

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Madly in Love Maama Phina Shows Off the New Man Chewing Her Sumbie (PHOTOS)

Renown city money spleader and witch doctor Sophia Namutebi aka Mama Phina has finally revealed the new man chewing her sumbie following her bitter breakup and this time around she is sure she is so i

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"He has told me he going to continue chewing my sumbie"- Full Figure ensured by Bajjo

Even after Bajjo Events marrying another woman identified as Leah, he has still found a way of convincing his alleged baby mama Jennifer Full Figure to continue giving him some "Leg" after t

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"I am More Beautiful than Her, Nze Alina Akazigo"- Full Figure trashes Bajjo's New Wife

Senior Presidential Advisor Jennifer Full Figure has scoffed at her self proclaimed husband, events promoter Bajjo Clear Process by faulting his decision to dump her for another lover thereby remindin

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Ebonies Boss Dr. Bossa Reportedly Admitted in Hospital with COVID-19, Prayers Needed

Reports coming through from trusted sources inside the Ebonies drama group allege how their boss, Sam Bagenda, commonly known as Dr. Bossa is currently admitted in Hospital with COVID-19. According

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Funeral Worker Faces it Rough After Taking Selfies With Diego Maradona's Body in Coffin, He's Fired

Diego Molina was one of the men working for the funeral parlour tasked to prepare Diego  Maradona's body ahead of the private open-coffin wake for family and friends but he ended up taking se

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Evelyn Lagu's Health Condition Worsens, Rushed Back to Nakasero Hospital

Latest reports coming through from Evelyn Lagu aka Evelyn Love's home in Zana state that last evening she was rushed back to Nakasero Hospital in a terrible condition to an extent of having diffic

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"I will not release new music until Bobi Wine becomes the President"- King Saha vows

Celebrated singer King Saha real name, Mansoor Ssemanda has vowed not to drop new music not until Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias MP Bobi Wine becomes the newly elected Presiden

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Big Eye Almost Cries On Camera, Replies Full Figure and Seriously Warns Her (VIDEO)

Struggling singer and renowned NRM party mobilizer, Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye Starboss has bitterly replied the self proclaimed Senior Presidential Advisor Jennifer Full Figure for the way she expos

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"I Used My Girlfriend to Scheme for Money, She Dumped Me"- Pastor Jjengo Confesses

The Late Pastor Yiga Augustine's son, the current proprietor of Revival Church Kawaala, Pastor Andrew Jjengo has come out and confessed his heartbreaking story of how he used his girlfriend to get

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"God Visited Me and Gave Me a Special Message for All Celebrities"- Bad Black Narrates

City socialite and former sumbie vendor, Shanitah Namuyimba aka Bad Black has come out and narrated how God visited her and spoke to her, she claims she got a special message and we have it all here f

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Eria Lukwago Seriously Sick, Rushed to Nairobi Hospital in a Critical Condition

Kampala sitting Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago has reportedly been rushed to Nairobi, Aga Khan Hospital in Kenya in a very critical condition. Despite not revealing details of Lukwago’s health con

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Breaking Down Ykee Benda's Car Accident, How Did it Happen?

Jamil Jamie who is the manager to singer Ykee Benda real name Wycliff Tugume has shared an insight into the Mpaka Records CEO's nasty car accident. According to manager Jamil Jamie, the Uganda

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