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Biography | 14 October, 2023

Mpiima Johnson: From Ugandan Streets to Global Soundwaves

In a world where dreams often seem just out of reach, one young artist from Ugan...

Biography | 5 December, 2022

All You Need to Know About Silas Roselo, A Taented Singer and Songwriter

Otim Silas Roselo is a singer songwriter and activist who entered the music indu...

Biography | 5 December, 2022

Meet Freshly Talented New Ugandan Singer and Songwriter Aria Schleyer Rich

Karungi Iren Kwezi professionally known as Aria Schleyer Rich, is a Ugandan musi...

Biography | 13 September, 2022

Who is Nalunkuma Martha playing professional football in DR Congo

Women football in Uganda is taking an up thrust witnessed in the increasing youn...

Biography | 24 December, 2020

Who is Jerome Mugenyi? The Stingy Man Who Survived a Spear After Being Caught Chewing a Married Woman

Social media has been buzzing with a story and video clips of a guy identified a...

Biography | 4 December, 2020

BIOGRAPHY: All You Need to Know About Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata, Life Achievements and Property

Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte was a Muslim Imam leader, head of Dawa in Uganda, a te...

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