"I was fired because of Sam Kutesa and Ben Kavuya"- Tina Fierce spills bitter secrets

Posted on Sep 25, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Former Urban TV's Scoop on Scoop show host Christine Karungi alias Tina Fierce has finally revealed why she was fired from the Industrial Area based media house thereby becoming jobless.

While many were convinced that the motor mouthed TV presenter had lost her job because of her beef with Sheila Gashumba and boyfriend God's Plan, the truth is that Tina was fired for attacking negatively the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Sam Kuteesa and city business man Ben Kavuya.

It is alleged that during her weekly Scoop on Scoop show, Tina Fierce breached the code of ethics and minimum broadcasting standards and promoted hate speech as she wished death upon the Hon. Sam Kutesa and Ben Kavuya family for violating the COVID-19 Presidential guidelines and brought their stranded relatives back home from abroad yet the national airport had been locked down.

She also called upon Ugandans to rise against the previleged and connected few who disrespect rules in favor of their personal interests.

Blizz Uganda has learned how there are now higher chances of seeing Tina Fierce back on the screens of Urban TV after fulfilling all the conditions for a second chance mention presenting a hand written apology to Hon. Sam Kutesa and Mr. Ben Kavuya among others.

It must be remembered that Sheila Gashumba months back bragged for influencing Tina Fierce's firing from Urban TV through the “Stop Cyber Bullying” campaign that was spearheaded by former NTV presenter and her boyfriend Ali Marcus Lwanga a.k.a God’s Plan where the couple alleged that Tina Fierce has been causing them sleepless nights with biased reporting, insults and so much more whenever on set.

"Alot of you hv been asking why i am off air... alot of lies have been told as i kept my cool😊 so here! You have it! Check the date stamps😊," said Tina Fierce through her socials.

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