"Daddy Andre impregnanted my sister before he started begging to pound my beans"- Another victim

Posted on Mar 28, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Things are still badly off for music producer and singer Daddy Andre as following the four girls that recently accused him of sexually harrasing them, a one Kyle has also come out with her terrifying story.

Andre was accused by upcoming musicians Nadia including Nadia Rania, J Pafra, Ayahnash and Amber but now things have taken a new bitter twist.

A whistleblower known as Lillian Kembabazi ( Names in the screenshot ) is accusing Daddy Andre of impregnating her sister known as Kyle who reportedly had a miscarriage because of stress after her mother’s passing on.

The sister

Daddy Andre had been asking her to abort but she refused thus resorting to seducing her sister (Lillian Kembabazi ).

"It’s my sister that he did all the stuff and decided to threaten us. That stupid fool used my sister and made her pregnant, when I tried talking to him he was seducing me too that we do it. Andrey kept on threatening my sister but she should abort the baby.

Andrey kept on sending us messengers with threatening messages. Mat my mum died with a lot of pain according to what Andre did to our sis Kyle. Kyle got miscarriage coz of stress and pressure we were put on even the doctor told us. Andre has a good face, body with a rotten heart. Yes Mat, let the world know his wrong deeds bannange.

Mat am doing all this behind my sisters back coz she has no guts to do it but I feel like my sister deserves justice."- She narrated.


Third Girl Claims Daddy Andre Chewed Her Sumbie in Studio After Paying Him 3 Million (VIDEO)

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