"I don't care whether my son was beaten for trying to chew another woman"- Prossy Mayanja speaks out

Posted on Feb 21, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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In the wake of learning that his son Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso was controversially injured during his ingoing music tour in South Africa, Ms Prossy Mayanja, singer Pallaso's mother has distanced herself from rumours linking his son's current suffering to his dirty acts thereby revealing how she doesn't care whether the "Sucker Free Boss" was caught feasting on a married woman or not but currently, all she wants is the fight to be channeled to his life so as to be safe and happy again.

A lot has been said about the "Ekiro munzikiza" singer's testimony about the attack he succumbed to last Wednesday in the Southern coastal country with the latest from reliable sources affirming how Pallaso had been brutally beaten up in South Africa not because of the ongoing xenophobic acts but because he wanted to chew a married white woman thereby landing him in trouble.

By relating Pallaso's horrible situation to his deceased sibling AK47's, Ms Prossy Mayanja has called upon Ugandans to always first think about saving lives and then push on with their negativities.

"I thought my son was going to die yesterday given the traumatic situation he was showcasing. He was so terrified and showed that even when we were communicating to him during the video call. All in all, we just pray for life, whether Pallaso was caught tying to feast on a married woman or was trading in drugs, life at all times should come first." Ms Prossy Mayanja.

Check out the video below;


Real story why Pallaso was beaten in South Africa, He wanted to chew a white married woman

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