VIDEO: Real story why Pallaso was beaten in South Africa, He wanted to chew a white married woman

Posted on Feb 20, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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The latest unfolding on the Blizz news desk from South Africa reveals that singer Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso didn't suffer from xenophobia attacks as it has been previously known and we have ascertained the actual cause of his thumping.

According to sources, Pallaso went out to happen in a certain night club and ended up seducing a married woman who was a "Coloured" and realising that she had got company, the singer and his friend ran for their life thereby bumping into their ride to speed off before they succumbed to thorough beatings from a gang of coloureds that left him fighting for his dear life.

Pallaso went Live on his Facebook page and shared a video stating how he had gone with a friend to shoot a music video but things ended up turning bitter as the car they were moving in was attached with panga welding men and set it ablaze.

However, according to an exclusive that we have ascertained, the "Ekiro muzikiza" singer was thumped up as he was trying to seduce a married woman as he went clubbing with his South African Ugandan based friend.

On getting to learn about the fateful news, Pallaso pleaded with his promoter who had invited him to South Africa for a show going down this weekend to play a low profile so as the whole saga doesn't go viral. We have ascertained that the Ugandan 'He goat' is doing well after being dispatched from his death bed as he survived with a few body wounds and is already gearing for his show this coming weekend.

Watch Video Below For Whole Truth:

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