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Pallaso, Chameleone and Weasel Pay Tribute to Late Brother AK47

The Mayanja brothers, Pallaso, Jose Chameleone and Weasel Manizo have spent their entire Friday 8th January paying tribute to their fallen brother AK47 in Mityana district. Still mourning the death

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Pallaso Drops 'What is Money' Music Video, Watch and Download Here

Starting off 2021 with another banger after the succesful 2020 that ranked him the best Male Artiste in Uganda, Team Good Music boss Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso has finally released 'What Is Money


Pallaso, Jose Chameleone and Weasel Manizo Light Up Club Beatz At Home Grand Finale Concert

As fans have always yearned to see Chameleone, Weasel Manizo and Pallaso perform a full concert together, the Mayanjas fulfilled this by closing the final episode of Club Beatz At Home Online concerts

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Pallaso Finally Releases the Over Waited for 'Malamu' Music Video, Watch and Download

After the audio of Malamu hit song hitting 400k views on YouTube, the sucker free boss Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso has now released its officially music video and we have to say it is quite impressive. W


Singer Pallaso Seriously Bedridden, Admitted in Hospital

Singer Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso is currently admitted in the hospital after being attacked by a strange disease. The "Malamu" hit singer who of recent has been behind the scenes while a

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Pallaso Proposes to Faridah Nakazibwe Live On TV, She Says 'Yes' and He Gives Her the Ring

Sucker Free Boss Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso has gone on one knee, pulled out a ring and proposed to NTV Mwasuze Mutya presenter Faridah Nakazibwe asking her to marry him, She said yes. The two single


Pallaso Acquires a Brand New Car After Escaping From a Bitter Fight with the Police

After escaping from a bitter fight with the Police at his home, singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso has acquired for himself a brand new car to celebrate his freedom. Pallasp got a Police bond after a


Police Pins Harsh Conditions on Pallaso After Escaping From their Officers

After Pallaso escaping from Police when they tried arresting him from his home, Police has now pinned harsh charges on the singer as they line up a number of laws he broke. They have also confirmed

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Police Raids Pallaso's Home In the Middle of the Night, He Escapes Arrest (Shocking Video)

Police raided musician Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso's Home in Makindye Luwafu at 11pm wanting to arrest him over unknown reasons but the singer put up a bitter fight until he ran away and escaped as a


Pallaso Signs a Juicy Deal with Sony Music, Joins Vinka On an International Deal

Ugandan Afro-dancehall singer Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso is in things with latest on the Blizz news desk indicating how the multi-genre singer has been signed under Sony Music Africa. The sky seems

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Pallaso Gets Smitten in 'Akomelerwe' Visuals, Download audio and Watch Video

The wait is over as Team Good Music CEO singer Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso has gone smitten in another beautiful visuals of his Akomelerwe hit song. Having got done with the troubles of the xenophob


"I forgive every South African that beat me"- Pallaso clears while narrating the untold side of his Turffotein story

Singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso who was attacked in South Africa, returned to the country with South African singer Goodwill Malinga aka Dr Malinga after a press conference in Kenya and he narrated th


Pallaso Attacks Kato Lubwama in New Song, Asks Rubaga People Not to Vote For a Stupid Person

Singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso has recorded a new song to fight Hon Kato Lubwama, an MP for Rubaga South and asked people not to vote for him because he is an idiot who thinks everything is a stunt.


Kato Lubwama pens down an anger filled letter to Pallaso, Calls him an amatuer with a 'Drum Head'

Singer Pallaso and Hon Kato Lubwama's battle is not yet about to end as the Member fo Parliament sems to be filled with alot of anger. A battle that started when Pallaso was allegedly beaten up


Dream Comes True, Pallaso Meets Yvonne Chaka Chaka in South Africa

As he plans of returning back home, singer Pius Mayanja commonly known as Pallaso has on Saturday 29th met and shared some good time with the legendary African singer, songwriter, actress and entrepre


Pallaso Reveals When He Will Be Back in the Country Following His Beatings

Recently beaten up like a chicken thief in South Africa, Ugandans singer Pallaso, real names Pius Mayanja has revealed when his fans should pick him at the Airport like a hero. Through a social med


Pallaso Still Fighting to Prove He Was Really Beaten Up and Not a Stunt

As he gears up for his return back home, singer Pius Mayanja commonly known as Pallaso has showed off the scary wounds that he sustained from the alleged xenophobic attack in South Africa. Though t

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"I don't care whether my son was beaten for trying to chew another woman"- Prossy Mayanja speaks out

In the wake of learning that his son Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso was controversially injured during his ingoing music tour in South Africa, Ms Prossy Mayanja, singer Pallaso's mother has distanced he

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VIDEO: Real story why Pallaso was beaten in South Africa, He wanted to chew a white married woman

The latest unfolding on the Blizz news desk from South Africa reveals that singer Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso didn't suffer from xenophobia attacks as it has been previously known and we have ascer

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Pallaso Now in Safe Hand, Weasel Confirms After Rushing Him to Hospital

Following sucker Free Boss Pallaso's terrible video while confessing that he was brutally beaten up in South Africa when he was shooting a music video with his friend, Goodlyfe singer Weasel has g

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VIDEO: Pallaso Beaten to Near Death in South Africa, Currently in a terrible Condition, Needs Help

Breaking shocking news from South Africa confirms how singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso has been attacked by xenophobic people together with his friend who died on spot and the singer is currently in hi


Ndikuwaki Lyrics - Pallaso | Mp3 Download

Read Ndikuwaki Lyrics by Pallaso Below: eeh..eddie dee, kama ivan (eeh) Ndikuwaki gw’eyampa obukumi ampisa mu bitomi yegwe sabalwanyi Siliva woli gwe eyawandika olutambi lw'obulamu bw

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Pallaso Preaches Hope and Love for God in 'Ndikuwaki' Video, Watch and Download

Praising God for all the great things he has done for him, singer Pius Mayanja a.k.a Pallaso has finally released the long waited for music video of his new Gospel song called "Ndikuwaki" wh

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Pallaso Goes Gospel In 'Ndikuwaki', Download Audio

The self-proclaimed Sucker Free Boss Pius Mayanja, aka Pallaso has decided to go totally gospel and accoustic in this new beautiful song called "Ndikuwa Ki". Pallaso, a Ugandan recording artist, so


Indepth Interview with Sucker Free Boss Pallaso

We had an indepth exclusive interview with the sucker free boss Pallaso, real names Pius Mayanja and he revealed some of the innermost experiences of his personal life and music at large. The intervi


Pallaso hypes Chameleone to stand for mayorship, tells his journey and future plans

We had a chat with Sucker Free Boss Pallaso and he told us about what he thinks about Chameleone joining politics, the new artist he just signed onto his label, his new music projects and upcoming con

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Pallaso says that he left TNS because of satanic rituals

A few months back just after the death of Ak47 the Twatoba singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso left the famous Team No sleep music group but he didnt not reveal his reasons why. All he said was that it wa

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