Breaking Down Rema Namakula's Kwanjula Dresses, Gowns, Gomesi', Estimated Prices and Purposes

Posted on Nov 15, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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One of the highlights about Rema Namakula's Introduction Ceremony with lover Hamza Ssebunya were her magnificent outfits, the glowing/lighting dress, and every other attire she pulled off.

Rema started off the day of her traditional wedding/kwanjula while dressed in a Green very expensive "Gomesi". This gomesi was specifically worn just to welcome the Nabagereka of Buganda, who was also the chief guest of the day in a ceremony that paralized Nabbingo.

A Gomesi or busuuti is a colorful floor-length dress. It is the most commonly used costume for women in Buganda and Busoga. Traditional male attire is the kanzu. Rema wore three different Gomesi's for her lovely day.

After removing the Green Gomesi, Rema went back into hiding only for her to come out for her Kwanjula dressed up in a lovely All White Gomesi, with a Green and white floral belt. She also had a white wedding veil on her head indicating that she was the center of attention for the day as the bride.

When it came time to greet her inlaws, Rema Namakula returned to her dressing room only for her to come out dressed in a glamorous pearl filled Gomesi, with different stones in glass format. These kind of gomesi's are ranked among the most expensive ones going up-to UGx 5Million for just the fabric itself.

When time came to cut the cake, say the vows and highlight the whole event when Hamza, Rema's husband carried her on his laps, the couple first had to rush back to their dressing room, only fr them to come out dressed in Nigerian attires known as Nigerian Buba. All in blue colours. She came out also holding a white feather fan that topped up the glamor of the outfits.

When the Kwanjula was almost ending, Rema Namakuls went back into her dressing room only for her to come out dressed in a UGx 7Million worth white glowing/lighting dress/gown. This dress glowed in the dark when the lightst at the after party venue were switched off. Leaving the glamorius Rema spinning and showing off her glow.

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