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Madly in Love Rema Namakula Flashes Off Dr. Ssebunya's Tattoo (Photo)

During musician Rema Namakula Introduction Ceremony, she shocked many when she flashed off her boo Dr Hamza Ssebunya's Tattoo on her hands.Apprently, Rema Namakula got a permanent writing of Ssebunya‚


Rema and Dr. Ssebunya Officially Kick Off their Legal B0nking from Paraa Safari Lodge

Shortly after their successful luxurious introduction ceremony, songbird Rema Namakula and husband Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya (the Sebunyas) are currently enjoying their honeymoon at Paraa Safari Lodge in in


Juliana Kanyomozi Speaks Out About Rema and Hamza's Introduction Ceremony

Even though she failed to attend fellow musician Rema Namakula and lover Dr Hamza Ssebunya's Introduction Ceremony, Juliana Kanyomozi has now opened up.Without her giving the reason why she failed to


Rema Namakula's designer Kaijuka Abbas reveals the magic behind her 'Disco Lights' dress, it's worth millions

During vocalist, Rema Namakula's introduction ceremony with her husband Dr. Ssebunya Hamza, one of the most golamorous moments was when she came out dressed in a glowing/lighting Led gown/dress that h

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VIDEO: Spice Diana speaks out about her longtime beef with Rema and why she wasn't invited for Kwanjula

People have always said that Spice Diana and Rema namakula are mortal enemies. Spice has now opened up about their beef and why she missed attending her Kwanjula. She is not the only celebrity that

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"You've been crucified cause of our love, thank you for being our bullet proof"- Rema thanks Muzaata

During her traditional wedding aka Kwanjula ceremony, singer Rema Namakula got down on her knees and thanked Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata for accepting to be cricified and standing infront of all bullets just

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Weak Reasons Why Bebe Cool Refused to Attend Rema Namakula's Introduction Ceremony

Despite the fact that they had a bitter split, Bebe Cool still remains a precious stone that aided the foundation of songbird Rema Namakula's successful music career.This takes us to the real gist as

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"This is nothing, a big wedding for Rema and Hamza is coming next year"- Tycoon Kirumira promises

Now that they officially own her, Baggaga Kwagalana boss Tycoon Godfrey Kirumira has stated that Rema Namakula has only 5years to leave the league of "Bakopi" and stop singing.Kirumira said all this d


"You're the dream I always prayed for, you've given me love and happiness"- Rema Namakula's Vows to Dr Hamza

Today is a day that will never be forgotten as 14th November will always be marked as the day singer Rema Namakula said her vows to lover Dr. Hamza Ssebunya.Rema has given her vows and poured out her


Dr Hamza surprises Rema with a Guitar gift, Promises to Love her unconditionally as she makes new music

Doctor Hamza Ssebunya has got down on his knees and promised to love singer Rema Namakula unconditionally until death as he gifted her with a brand new Guitar. He also asked her to make music about th

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Dr Hamza Proves Rema Will not struggle, splashes away money to Nabbigo residents

Singer Rema Namakula has officially introduced her lover to her parents, Doctor Hamza Ssebunya today in Nabbingo along Masaka Road where he also splashed off some money from.Dr Hamzah Ssebunya was ear


"Kenzo am sorry but don't hate me"- Chris Evans apologizes before attending Rema's Introduction

Band musician Chris Evans Kaweesi has spoken out on why he was let down by Kenzo after acting foul play and conceded to lose his wife to another man.Being one of the renowned 'Semyekozo' and a ministe

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Nabagereka Sylvia Nagginda Attends Rema Namakula's Introduction Ceremony (PHOTOS)

The Queen of Buganda aka Nabagereka, Sylvia Nagginda has graced / attended the introduction ceremony of recording music artists, Rema Namakula and her fiancé Dr Sebunya Hamza down in Nabbingo.With a

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