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"Hamza Is Mine Alone"- Jealousy Rema Warns Slay Queens Off Her Man

The recently married singer Rema Namakula has come out and ensured doubters how Dr Hamza Ssebunya is her man and not for anyone else.Through her social media, Rema took it to her Twitter account and p

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Big Eye Opens Up About Allegations of Bewitching Kenzo and Trying to Chew Rema's Sumbie

"And its not him who advised me to leave you like you think. Just know it was my personal decision. #NdiSingle," Professor Big Eye has scoffed at Nalongo Don Zella.As we told you that ever since the W

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Bad Black Predicts Rema and Hamza's Future, Gives them Months to Separate

City socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has come out and predicted the future of musician Rema Namakula's marriage with new husband Dr Hamza Ssebunya.Appearing on a local TV station, NBS Tele

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"You bewitched Kenzo night and day, you even wanted to b0nk Rema"- Don Zella spits ugly secrets

After Kenzo leaking his WhatsApp chats with Rema showing that he had left her two years ago, now Big Eye seems to have reawakened a World War 11 with his baby mama, Don Zella which is likely to be a p


"I left Don Zella in the house for one month and she shouted, Rema you're strong"- Singer Big Eye

Still about the ongoing Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakuls drama, singer Big Eye has cried out and narrated how Rema is a strong woman.Big Eye has hit hard at his baby mama Nalongo Sheila Don Zella who made

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Eddy Kenzo Leaks His Sweet WhatsApp Conversation with Rema, All Screenshots Here

Below his battle with Sheikh Nooh Muzaata ends, singer Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo has now leaked his private WhatsApp conversation with Rema Namakula confirming that he had left her two years befor


Rema and Kenzo's Nikah Photos Fly Out of the Cabinet, See Here

As we await for the famed singer Eddy Kenzo's Facebook live session later this afternoon where he has promised to unmask all the hidden secrets about his broken relationship with Rema Namakula, secret

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"Rema Must Return Kenzo's Mahr"- Islamic Leaders Order

Following Eddy Kenzo's viral video through which he announced that him and Rema Namakula are legally and Islamically married, now Islamic leaders have come out and advised her to return Kenzo's Mahr o


Rema Namakula Speaks Out For the First Time in Days, Promises to Love Ssebunya Forever

Just like many thought that Rema Namakula could be a bit desperate for dumping the love of her life (Eddy Kenzo) for another marriage, the narrative is indeed ironical given the way the 'Tikula' singe


"I know the pain Maya and Aamaal are going through"- Felista narrates her life story

Not bothered by the ongoing woes and tears by Eddy Kenzo in relation to his wrecked up marriage with songbird Rema Namakula, 7 year old Ugandan female rapper Felista Di Superstar has added some salt i

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Shocking Reasons Why Halima Namakula Was Kicked Away From Rema's Kukyaala Ceremony

Blizz Uganda was exclusively informed how veteran singer Halima Namakula was bounced from her "daughter" Rema Namakula's Kukyala ceremony with Dr Hamza Ssebunya.Our snoops informed us how, Halima Nama


Rema Namakula Becomes the 4th Ugandan Musician to hit 1Million Facebook Following

The most trending musician at the moment Rema Namakula has hit another mile stone, this time it’s not about Kukyala or Kwanjura but rather she becomes the 4th Ugandan Musician to hit 1 Million page

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"You Haven't Seen Anything Yet"- Dr Hamza Ssebunya Promises a Ground Breaking Wedding

Dr Hamza Ssebunya, singer Rema Namakula's Husband has revealed how much he is determined to make Rema the happiest woman ever during her yet to be held wedding.Following their Kukyala on independence

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"We Have Given Rema Only 5 Years to Stop Singing"- Hamza Ssebunya's Family Orders

Recently legalized her b0nking, singer Rema Namakula has been given only five years for her to quit music and concetrate on becoming a home sitting wife.This statement was stated out by city tycoon, G


All Moments You Missed From Rema Namakula and Hamza Ssebunya's Kukyala (Photos and Video)

Singer Rema Namakula and her new lover Dr Hamza Ssebunya finally legalized their b0nking in a Kukyala Ceremony and Blizz Uganda has moments you missed.When News broke about sensational singer Rema Nam

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Updates from the Mukolo: Rema Introduces Hamza.. (Photos)

Singer Rema Namakula is currently the happiest woman in Uganda as today is the day she is officially introducing her lover Hamza Ssebunya to her parents in a ceremony known as Kukyala.Blizz Uganda tea

VIDEO: All Magical Moments You Missed From Rema Namakula's Kasiki Ceremomy

Songbird Rema Namakula was last Tuesday night treated with a surprise 'Kasiki' party ahead of her new boyfriend Dr Hamza Sebunya's official Kukyaala Ceremony taking place on Wednesday the 9th of Octob

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All Set For Rema Namakula and Hazma Ssebunya's Official Kukyaala Ceremony

Latest reports coming in from The Ssebunya's confirms how singer Rema Namakula and Dr Hamza's official Kukyaala Ceremony is taking place on the 9th of October.According to reports we got, we have been

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Unveiling Rema Namakula’s yet to be Finished Apartments (Photos)

Female singer Rema Namakula has finally unveiled her yet to be finished apartments in Namugongo that she has been building up for some years now and put on hold and now we have seen them.Blizz Uganda

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Rema Namakula's Manager Kayemba Dumps Wife, Set to Introduce New Woman

Singer Rema Namakula’s music manager Ssalongo Geofrey Kayemba Ssolo has dumped his official wife and moved on with another woman.Kayemba has been legally married withe Nalongo for some good years no

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"Don't Cry for Me"- Rema Continues to Sting Eddy Kenzo (VIDEO)

Its not yet over as far as the failed relationship between musicians Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakula after 'Mama Aamal" coming out to caution Kenzo never to cry for her at all since she is contented with

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"Am injecting 10Million in Rema's wedding, Kenzo should marry a girl from Masaka"- Maama Phina

"I will Put UGx 10Million in Rema Namakula's wedding"- Maama Phina stated out. As we are coming closer to Rema Namakula and her new lover, Dr Hamza Ssebunya's wedding ceremony slated for 14th Novembe


Unknown Facts about Rema Namakula’s new fiance Dr. Sebunya Hamza

Ever since news came out that Rema Namakula dumped Eddy Kenzo for Dr. Ssebunya Hamza, alot of people have been trying to know much about the guy but now Blizz Uganda has gathered the biography for you

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6 Exclusive reasons why Rema Namakula left Kenzo

Rema Namakula chose to end her five year relationship with fellow musician Eddy Kenzo. The once music lover birds are no more after it was revealed that Rema will be introducing a new man Dr. Ssebunya


Facts you Didn’t Know About Rema Namakula

Rema Namakula mostly known by her mononym Rema is a Muslim Ugandan and a female recording artist. Rema was born in Ntinda Uganda and she is currently 28 years old as she is the last child in her famil

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Rema Namakula Opens Up About Her Pregnancy For Dr Hamza Ssebunya

Rumor has been going around for the past few weeks that songbird Rema Namakula is currently pregnant for Dr Hamza Ssebunya but nowshe has officially opened up. Social Media has been buzzing that Rema

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Nabagereka Sylvia Nagginda to Attend Rema Namakula's Wedding, Confirmation Video Here

Latest reports coming in from close sources to Rema Namakula have confirmed how the Queen of Buganda, Nabagereka Sylvia Nagginda is going to be attending her wedding. According to Tycoon Kirumira who

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Exclusive Photos From Rema Namakula and Dr. Sebunya’s Nikkah Ceremony

On November 1, 2019, singer Rema Namakula will be holding her official introduction ceremony with her lover, Sebunya Hamza  to her a family, a man who appreciates her worth and is ready to take c

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Rema Namakula Reportedly Pregnant For Dr Sebunya Hamza (Screenshot)

Latest rumor coming through to Blizz Uganda indicates how singer Rema Namakula is currently pregnant for her new man/lover, Dr Hamza Sebunya and that is the reason why the two rushed to legalize their


Shocking List Of All Men Who Have Ever Chewed Rema Namakula's Sumbie Unveiled

For the years Rema Namakula has been a musician in the music industry of Uganda, alot of many have been tailed to her bearded meat and said to have slept with her but now Blizz Uganda has the exclusiv

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"Yes am B0nking Ssebunya and am going to marry him"- Rema Namakula Confirms (VIDEO)

When songbird Rema Namakula hit the recording booth and dropped the 'Deep in Love' hit banger, many thought it was all about thrilling her fan base with good music not knowing she was ironically speak


Dr Hamza Ssebunya Transfered from Mulago Hospital to Naguru Hospital

Updates coming in from Mulago Hospital confirms how Gaenacologist, and Doctor Intern Dr Hamza Ssebunya has been transferred. According to a document Blizz Uganda received, a number of doctors were sh


"I know you love me, stop pretending and say it to my face"- Rema speaks out (Video)

Finally songstress Rema Namakula has fired back to Eddy Kenzo in relations to the controversy surrounding her break up with baby daddy and 'Sitya Loss' singer thereby showing discontent to the 'Signal

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"I'll spit and urinate in your food if you invite me to your stupid wedding"- Full Figure warns Rema Namakula

As the country is still waiting for singer Rema Namakula and her new lover Dr Hamza Ssebunya, Jennifer Full Figure has sent out a serious warning to them.Publicly announcing how she is "Team Eddy Kenz

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Dr Hamza Surprises Rema Namakula with a New House, Exclusive Photos Here

A few days ago, singer Rema Namakula started parading off her new things from her new lover, Dr. Hamza Ssebunya and among those things is this magnificent Mansion we have seen. Rema Namakula as she i

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Desperate Rema Namakula to finance her Introduction, Dr Ssebunya has no money to waste on ceremonies

Latest news Blizz Uganda has received from trusted sources close to the couple of Rema Namakula and her new lover Dr Hamza Ssebunya indicate that she is set to finance her introduction ceremony estima

DOWNLOAD: Bibaawo - Eddy Kenzo

After moments of delaying revelers with the release of his new music project, East African multi award winning artiste Edirisa Musuuza has conceded to the fact that he had already lost his love battle

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