“Yes Grace Khan Gave Birth to My Daughter But We Were Never In Love”- Prince Omar Confirms

Posted on February 20, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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After months of denial, singer Prince Omar has finally opened up about his relationship with fellow singer Grace Khan to an extent of giving birth to a daughter he always denied fathering despite persistent speculations, he has clarified that they were not romantically involved.

Appearing on an interview with Sanyuka TV, Prince Omar disclosed that while they were indeed sharing a bed, it was not indicative of a romantic relationship. He also admitted to not recognizing Grace Khan when initially questioned about her, attributing the confusion to catching glimpses of her on television.

The revelation took a surprising turn during Grace Khan's pregnancy, where Prince Omar was conspicuously absent. Family and close friends rallied around the singer, assuming responsibility for all pregnancy-related expenses. When confronted about his involvement, Prince Omar claimed to have no knowledge of Grace Khan at the time.

However, post-birth, Prince Omar consented to a DNA test, which conclusively established his paternity of the child. Addressing the complexity of his relationship with Grace Khan, the singer urged fans to focus on his role as a father, emphasizing his love for his daughter.

In a statement, Prince Omar expressed, "I was never in a relationship with Grace Khan at the time of our daughter's birth. While I may not delve into the details, it's crucial for people to understand that I have immense respect for Grace Khan as the mother of my daughter. That is the most significant aspect."


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