Oscar Kampala's Fashion Revolution Takes Center Stage at Zikomo Awards, Wins Two Accolades

Posted on November 21, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Oscar Nyesiga, the trailblazing fashion stylist better known as Oscar Kampala, stole the spotlight at the recent Zikomo Awards held in Zambia. The event, which saw a multitude of talented Ugandans being honored, turned into a celebration of Oscar's undeniable impact on the fashion scene.

Oscar Kampala, renowned for his avant-garde fashion sense and styling A-listers like Eddy Kenzo, Dj Neptunes, and American Rapper Jidenna, not only received accolades for his individual achievements but also for the seismic influence of his groundbreaking fashion movements.

The talk of the town was Oscar's brainchild, "1000 Men In Oscar Kampala," a fashion movement designed to inspire young entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and strive for success through impeccable grooming and standing out from the crowd. The crowd at the Zikomo Awards was captivated by Oscar's journey – starting with nothing but a sewing machine in his hostel room and evolving into an internationally acclaimed brand.

When the announcement came that Oscar had clinched both the Best Zikomo Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Best Zikomo Fashion Brand Of The Year awards, the audience resonated with a collective sentiment of 'no wonder.' The weekend in Zambia unfolded as a jubilant celebration of Oscar's triumphs.

Delving into Oscar's past as a young tailor who faced skepticism from peers, his journey to entrepreneurial success became a testament to resilience and dedication. His most notable campaign, "1,000 Men in Oscar Kampala," not only showcased his prowess in the fashion domain but also aimed at inspiring youth to leverage their talents and geographical advantages.

The Zikomo Awards nominations served as more than just recognition of Oscar's personal achievements; they underscored the transformative power of his initiatives on a national scale.

Oscar Kampala's influence extends beyond clothing racks, embodying a message of empowerment and ambition that resonates far and wide.

As the curtain fell on the Zikomo Awards, Oscar stood as a beacon of inspiration, proving that fashion is not just about what you wear but also about the impact you make.


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