Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Ichuli Full Biography: Age, Wife, Children, Businesses and All You Need to Know

Posted on May 06, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Apart from being a very proud house painter, Ibrahim Tusubira popularly known as Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Ichuli was also a renown Ugandan blogger and critic who worked with big people in the country, the car he was shot dead in was reportedly gifted to him by tycoon Ham Kiggundu.

According to info we gathered, Blogger Isma Olaxess flew back in the country from Sweden where he had been for years and his Visa was reportedly revoked due to his political agenda in Uganda and ever since then he has been a political analyst.

In July 2021, Isma Olaxess was gifted by Hamis Kiggundu with a brand new Toyota HiAce commonly know as ‘Drone’ according to Routinebast because he was loyal to Ham, so he showed off ‘Drone’ UBK 213D parked at his rental and thanked the tycoon for saving him from Boda Bodas.

Isma Olaxess who was born in 1970, was always candid about the fact that he is unable to become a father. His detractors had long exploited his failure to induce pregnancy as an insult to discourage him, but he has always seemed unbothered until recently when he attended a church service at pastor Bugembe’s Worship House House in Nansana and got into several topics, including his inability to have children.

Isma stated that despite his entire body operating normally, physicians informed him following a medical examination that he was unable to fertilize women’s eggs so he died without baring any children.

Isma Olaxess was also the President of the Uganda Bloggers Association where he was elected in 2021. He is one of the Biggest and most recognized online political analysts in Uganda.

He came back to Uganda in 2015 after spending close to 10 years in Sweden where the Blogger had moved for greener pastures where he moved to in 2005 after he had been in Uganda as a Businessman before he became a Blogger.

Isma was shot near his home in his Drone car Registration number plate UBK 213D.

Watch the video below;

By press time, the Uganda police had arrived at the crime scene, to commence investigations into the matter.

Isma Olaxess had no stable job apart from being a contract Painter and a Blogger who worked with the NRM government during the 2021 General presidential elections.

He also had no known Wife by the public as he kept on chasing different women and dating in hiding.

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