"We Have Given Rema Only 5 Years to Stop Singing"- Hamza Ssebunya's Family Orders

Posted on Oct 12, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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Recently legalized her b0nking, singer Rema Namakula has been given only five years for her to quit music and concetrate on becoming a home sitting wife.

This statement was stated out by city tycoon, Godfrey Kirumira as Rema was busy legalizing her b0nking with Dr. Hamza Sebunya and since she's now married in a Muslim family, singing is prohibited as she's supposed to settle home and fulfill her marital duties.

The singer’s music career will hit a dead end after Godfrey Kirumira announced that she will only be permitted to step on stage for a short time and settle down to embark on household activities.

"We are going to give Rema only five years to continue with her music career because we know her fans love her too much and we also don’t want damage her talent. In fact, 5 years are very many we could even give her only a year. Thereafter, she will quit music and sit home."Godfrey Kirumira stated.

Watch Video of Kirumira announcing below:


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