Who is John Katumba? His Full Biography, Net Worth, Businesses, Education & Interview

Posted on Nov 14, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Ever since he came out and announced how he was running for presidency, passed through and got nominated, people have been wondering who John Katumba is and where he came from. Here we have his full biography, net worth, businesses, and everything you need to know about him.

Katumba John Background:

John Katumba is a Ugandan politician who is also an aspirant for the highest elective office in Uganda, The President Uganda. He was born in 1996 and by the time of this article he is 24 years old.

He was born to the Kkonde family but His parents died when he was still young around two years old and he grew with his guardian and currently stays in Ntinda a semi-residential suburb of Kampala. His family was staying in Naalya –Kiwatule in Kampala but Katumba’s ancestral home in Buikwe District in Central Uganda.

John Katumba

Education Background of John Katumba:

John Katumba attended Zion Hill Standard Academy in Buikwe District for his primary education. He later joined Central View High School in Mukono district for his O and A Level.

While studying, Katumba’s guardian was the one who was paying his school fees but in A Level, his guardian only provided part of the fees and Katumba started washing cars at washing bays where he would be paid UGx.1000 for every car washed. He washed cars in holidays and weekends to collect money that would top up on school fees and other pay for other scholastic requirements.

Katumba John later joined Makerere University Business School where he enrolled for Transport and Logistics Management. He graduated in 2020 January.

John Katumba Busineses:

Katumba has done many odd jobs for a living ever since he was dumped by his guardian after S.6 and had to struggle on his own to make it to Campus.

He washed cars at Washing bays a job he started working during his S.4 Vacation, he has done brick laying and charcoal burning to see his education get completed and also to fulfill his dream of being a president of Uganda. Katumba after graduating is still unemployed.

Political Career:

Katumba John is the youngest person ever to vie for the post of the President of Uganda. A record that was aided by the Amendment of the constitution in 2018 to remove the article 102 b which placed age caps on presidential candidates. Only those who were between 35-75 were allowed to contest but now even the 24 year old Katumba can run for office.

He launched his presidential bid in mid 2020 and after picking nomination forms from the Electoral Commission, he started looking for the mandatory 100 signatures from 98 districts. In the process, Katumba says he made many friends who contributed towards his candidature.

He got nominated on 3rd November 2020 and was the 11th and final candidate to be nominated.

Watch Full Video and Interview of Katumba John Below:

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