Embarassing video of how MC Kats was thrown out like a used toiletpaper out of Fame Lounge Leaks, watch

Posted on Sep 17, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Celebrated media personality and events emcee Edwin Katamba is till ranting at the way he was fired from his job at Fame Lounge and Restaurant and now a video has leaked.


MC Kats was on Monday evening 16th September fired from the city's top weekly happening spot, Fame Lounge and Restaurant over misconduct and failure to deliver as far as his contractual terms try to spell it out.

To show his dismay at the way he was sacked to the extent of being thrown out of the vicinity after turning this week to host his usual nights, he has started exposing Fame Lounge's dirty side.

Before hitting the TV stations for interviews, Kats has dropped a video on his social media Facebook platform showing the fateful events of the way he was dumped out of his former workplace affirming how disgraceful it is to see to it that a person of his calibre who is not a child or an employee of Fame Lounge was treated like bandit.

According to the NBSafter5 show co-host, as a company, he was hired to bail out Fame Lounge and Restaurant out of the too much debts mention the fact that the employees were soon tabling down their tools after going four months without pay and now is perplexed of the lies circulating that his firing was as a result of not making any money for his bosses.

The good to go floor 'King of the Mic' has for the past few years been hosting a number of nights at Fame Lounge and Restaurant and the famously known being the 'Meet Celebrity Wednesday' night where partiers have been enjoying a recipe of fun from their top celebrities.

"Coz you want me to 
Talk to you at 3am
Yet i tried talking to 
All day
I refuse 
You throw me out of
Like i dont bring you money
Amnt your child nor employee 
Am acompany YOU called to 
Save your 4months not paid employees," Lamented MC Kats.

Watch the video below:


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