"Bajjo dumped me after chewing my sumbie and impregnanting me"- Full Figure spills all secrets

Posted on Mar 29, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Singer turned political Jennifer Nakanguubi alias Full Figure has finally come out to reveal why she is always parallel and bitter at events promoter Andy Mukasa aka Bajjo Events given the fact that he shockingly dumped her way back after siring a baby with the later.

Its always the deepest cut to women as they live to remember shameless men who break their virginity and then move on with other relationships.

It is evident that the presidential advisor on matters of the youth and children's affairs has of the past been bitter and showcased a lot of hatred and unkind words to Bajjo Events but little did we know that the latter had some past connection together.

While analysing various issues on Dembe FM's Talk and Talk weekend radio show, Full Figure confessed how Bajjo sired a baby with her and then after dumped her.

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However unlike Daddy Andre, the motor mouthed musician revealed how Bajjo seduced her like any other man would do since he didn't have a music studio thereby falling in love with him.

She went on to narrate how Bajjo got cursed with a lot of misfortunes after dumping her and moved on with songbird Zanie Brown not knowing Full Figure solely owned his fortunes.

During the little stay with the Zanie Brown, the "Mugulu" singer ended up disappointing him as she stole everything from him leaving him at zero.

According to Full Figure, Bajjo couldn't sustain Zanie Brown's appetite and luxurious kind of lifestyle as she preferred eating whatever came her way in addition to expensive trips outside the country.
"Bajjo sired a baby with me and then after dumped me. That fool made a big mistake since I owned his fortunes and moving on with Zanie Brown who was too expensive forced him to sell off his ride to cover up the too much debts he was swimming in the due course of their affair with Zanie Brown"

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