Salvado Does a Fair Play, Promises to Attend Rema Namakula's Concert

Posted on Jan 28, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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It all started as social in-laws and bloggers showed concern as to why stand up comedian Patrick Idringi Salvado would schedule his concert on the same date with his good family friend, musician Rema Namakula and it seems he might have succumbed to the too much pressure from revelers and decided to do a fair play by vowing to perform at her concert.

As The Man from Ombokolo entertain comedy lovers to his 10 year Africa Laughs comedy Experience on Valentine's Day at Kololo Independence Airstrip, his close family friend, songbird Rema Namakula will at the same time take on revelers in a live concert at Hotel Africans something that has created conflicting royalty among partiers on which venue to attend to given the fact that they aren't far apart.

Given the kind of occupation that they both attend too, Salvador has expressed a mega sign of love and solidarity as he wished "Mukyala Musawo" blessings to a sold out concert thereby vowing to take some part in her show down since this is just an opportunity to exploit not a World War 111.

"June 2nd 2019 was a special day for me. I remember a week to the D-Day, I asked madam who she wanted as the artist to unveil her, she was like I want REMA, I said hooooo Naye Star taffa, I said to myself “Salvado you’ve been in this game for sometime, maybe REMA will be nice to you..” I gathered myself and called her, as usual she was very pleasant, she was so excited and told me these words I will never forget in my life ..”You are family, you don’t even have to pay me anything, just send me the directions to Mityana and I’ll be there..” .. woman shocked me, I was like wow and true to her word she arrived at the perfect time when Daphine was to be unveiled and she performed like she’d never performed in her life. So many stories have come out about our shows being on the same date and all I can say is, Kampala is too big for all of us, all shows happening on Valentine’s Day will work out ...

Life is too short to start competing with people, you can’t compete with something you haven’t blessed yourself. I wish us all a wonderful Valentine’s Day and I’m so proud to have contributed to the different entertainment options that the day has to offer.

Kololo airstrip and Africana aren’t far apart Mukyala doctor don’t be surprised to see me and my crew. Africa Laughs 5 tables are 50% sold 😊... I’m just thankful to God for the blessing. 🙏🏾🙏🏾," Stated Patrick Salvador through his Facebook official platform.

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