"I Would Have Attended Your Show If You Had Paid Me"- Mr Henrie Replied Geosteady

Posted on September 12, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Galaxy FM radio presenter, Henry Arinitwe aka Mr Henrie has finally revealed why he promised to show up at Geosteady's show last weekend but insteady cancelled at the last minutes, claims he wanted to be paid for his presence.

While speaking out during his Mid-Morning Tukoone daily show on Galaxy FM, Mr Henrie told his co-presenter Florah Show that he works proffesionally and can never attend ny show where he is not officially invited and most so not paid.

He stated that he saw his fellow presenter DJ Nimrod receiving an official call inviting him to be an MC at Geosteady's show yet for him he never received any.

"You see, yes me and geisrge spoke privately and never expected him to expose me like that. Yes we spoke but he never got back to me to either pay me for my presence or even just talk to me as a friend to be there for him so there was no way I was ready to embarrass myself. What if I had gone there and they threw me off the stage?"- Mr Henry defended himself.

All this has come out after Geosteady bitterly cornered his nemesis Mr. Henrie and questioned him for failing to show up at his just concluded Live concert as he had initially promised.

Watch him admit below: