"I know the pain Maya and Aamaal are going through"- Felista narrates her life story

Posted on Oct 14, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Not bothered by the ongoing woes and tears by Eddy Kenzo in relation to his wrecked up marriage with songbird Rema Namakula, 7 year old Ugandan female rapper Felista Di Superstar has added some salt in the wound by coming up to hit hard at the former love birds for failing to sit down and solve their indifferences amicably instead of taking the last resort of calling it quits.

After being raised up by a single dad, the 'Nawambye' singer seems to be now centered at fighting for the rights of fellow children who are currently trapped up in a state of jeopardy and helplessness.

From reminding the government to mind about upping the Living Standards of Street Kids through her independence free style message, Felista is steadily winning over hearts of revelers on social media with many now relating her to the 'Facebook Music Teacher'.

In the new rap free style, Felista has showed concern over the confusing stand where Maya and Aamal have been left at after all the person responsible to provide the utmost care for them while home (Rema Namakula) decided to dump them for a new marriage.

Growing up with a single parent (her father) has been real painful for Felista given the fact that she hasn't enjoyed equal love and care from her earthy parents no wonder from this free style, she is considering producing a music audio as an edutainment to upcoming parents not to set a similar example like Kenzo and Rema.

"Here with baby kellystar reading comments about today's free style. Ma fans are like "make it a full song with a video" and am like ok. Dia fans," Stated Felista Di Superstar.

Check out her free style video below:

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