Once Friends Now Frenemies, Sheila Don Zella Bitterly Exposes Sarah Joy

Posted on June 29, 2022
By Sean Musa Carter
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US-based Ugandan socialites, once best friends, Nalongo Sheila Nadege aka Don Zella and Ashburg Katto's ex girlfriend Sarah Joy Bakanansa are in a bitter war that has escalated to involving kids in the battle.

Through her Facebook live video, Sheila Don Zella warned Bakanansa to stop mentioning her name before branding her Zakayo Skeleton.

Don Zella’s anger stems from the interview Bakanansa conducted with Farouk Sarkozy. Bakanansa bragged by showing off a Mercedes Benz and made claims that she lives a better life than Don Zella.

Bakanansa promised to give Peng $100 if Don Zella shows off mortgage papers. Don Zella wasted no time and showed off the papers.

Watch the video here:


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