"Eddy Kenzo is a Liar, a Hypocrite and a Fraud"- Aziz Azion Exposes in Video Confession

Posted on Feb 21, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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The bad blood between the sensational RnB singer and songwriter Aziz Mukasa alias Aziz Azion and famed singer Edirisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo is far from over as the "Nkumira Omukwano" singer has come out to accuse Kenzo of being a traitor and a hypocrite who at all times will never be appreciative to family, friends and relatives in relation to his success.

This is a reply to the Big Talent Music Group CEO's recent claims in the media where he refused crediting Aziz Azion to be part of his successful music journey simply because he was a one tormentor who wished nothing good to his future.

During a TV interview way back, Aziz Azion accused Kenzo of not recognizing him among the people that helped him in the music industry. Kenzo could fire back during the launch of his upcoming music festival how he won't at all in his career credit Aziz for his success given the way he was erased from Aziz Azion's folders like a virus thus warning him not to ever go back.

"Aziz asked me to leave his place and never to go back. I know he somehow helped me but he openly told me not to ever step in his home again. He never called or invited me back to his place and that's why I don't go there," Kenzo narrated.

Now through his YouTube official channel, Aziz Azion has ridiculed the 'Cry Baby' Eddy Kenzo who he has termed as a traitor and a hypocrite as at all times will tell lies so as to win a sympathy vote from revelers.

According to 'Azinnonya', Kenzo would have made his usual moves in life as far as pushing his showbiz career but not talk ill about him in relation to their past in guise of winning a sympathy vote from revelers.

As he is more than ready to expose the "Tweyagale' singer's past in his upcoming revelations, Aziz Azion has cautioned Kenzo not to fight history since he can't feed or employ him but unfortunately, the "Oxygen" singer will remain part of his successful journey given the sounding contribution he put to his current good living.

Check out the video below;

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