"History will be kind to you"- Bobi Wine praises Ronald Mayinja for telling Museveni to stop killing people

Posted on Sep 22, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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As we hit the climax of the year 2019 when revelers and music critics try to analyse and rank the entertainment industry:s best and worst performers, singer turned politician MP Bobi Wine has already shared his opinion musically crowing Golden Band's Ronald Mayinja as his artiste of the year 2019.


Irrespective of the fact that he hasn't delivered musically to the desired expectations mention dropping rocking hit songs and win over revelers hearts with love, the Kyadondo East legislator has openly come out with a number of reasons as to why the 'Africa' singer without nominations or voting for him deserves the crown of the best act performer in the industry for this calendar year.

Having fully represented the People Power opposition political Movement at the previous Catherine Kusasira's Tear of Woman Concert to hit hard at the guest of honor and opposition multiparty rival (President Yoweri Museveni) about the worrying state of the country and why he has to step aside and hand over the instruments of power to the young blood, Bobi Wine believes Mayinja was a one musician in a million to capitalise on his courage and charisma to express his political pain to the Fountain of honor.

It must be remembered that Ronald Mayinja's performance not only hit hard at President Museveni to the extent of warning him to stop spreading lies to the public about his political tenure but also angered the main act of the Tears of the Woman Concert as 'Maama Kabina' ended up demanding for an apology from Mayinja for spoiling her show by angering her fans a point in case being the Fountain of honor.

We have managed to explore more and come up with some of the reasons as to why MP Bobi Wine thinks fellow singer and People Power Coordinator Ronald Mayinja deserves to be the artiste of the year 2019.

"In a time when so many people have chosen to remain silent in the face of so much injustice; in a time when many artistes have chosen to play it safe; in a time when many Ugandans are putting their careers, safety and comfort ahead of their nation's redemption, we must celebrate those who have chosen courage over fear. 

My brother, fellow artiste and #PeoplePower co-ordinator Ronald Mayinja is one such Ugandan. When some of my colleague artistes used a music concert as an opportunity to massage the dictator and make personal requests for assistance, Ronald Mayinja used the opportunity to call out the dictator in his face.

Thank you brother for being courageous and selfless. Just continue on this path- history will be kind to you! 
Even if those intolerant cowards cut your performance short because they could not stand the truth, the message was delivered loud and clear. I SALUTE YOU SIR!
Watulazeeko mwana wa Maama, abaana be'Gomba twaatala afia! Stated MP Bobi Wine through his social media Facebook platform.

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