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"I Stole that Phone to Hide Evidence Coz I Said Kyagulanyi is the Next President"- Mayinja Confesses

Renowned band musician Ronald Mayinja has revealed the reason as yo why he reportedly stole a mobile phone from the Observer newspaper journalist. The musician says he feared being framed because he s

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Ronald Mayinja Reported at Police After Stealing a Journalist's Mobile Phone

Renowned band musician Ronald Mayinja is reportedly on the run after stealing a mobile phone of a journalist after an interview in Munyonyo that saw him spilling inside secrets of the state. Accord


"After Gossiping About Me, Please Also Pray For Me"- Ronald Mayinja Hits at NUP Supporters

Singer and former People Power staunch supporter, Ronald Mayinja has scoffed at revelers especially those opposing his new political belief to mind about praying for him to be perfect like them apart


Ronald Mayinja Sued Over Copyright infringement, ordered to pay 375 Million

Singer Ronald Mayinja's excitement of having pocketed millions from his "Mzee Akalulu" President Museveni campaign song has been short lived after being charged with copyright infringeme


Bizonto Hit Hard at Ronald Mayinja through Prince Omar's 'Bajikweka' Hit Song (VIDEO)

Following singer Ronald Mayinja's constant change of colours, from NRM to People Power, back to NRM then NUP and then NRM, the unshakeble bizonto comedy group have hit hard at him through Prince O


"I am tired of NUP supporters abusing me, now I am NRM"- Ronald Mayinja cries out

Band musician Ronald Mayinja has on Saturday 31st officially announced dumping People Power opposition movement and NUP Party thereby crossing over to the ruling NRM Party. Having confessed his utm


8 Reasons Why Ronald Mayinja Will Vote for President Museveni Until 2040

Band musician and former opposition National Unity Platform Party member, Ronald Mayinja has listed a number of reasons as to why he will vote for President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni not until 2040. T


Ronald Mayinja Explains Why He Dumped Bobi Wine and Sang a Song For Museveni

Band musician Ronald Mayinja has opened up on why he dumped MP Bobi Wine and his opposition National Unity Platform Party (NUP) confessing utmost support for President Museveni and the NRM ruling gove

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Ronald Mayinja Finally Shows His True Colours, Releases Song Praising Museveni

The always color changing Ronald Mayinja has finally showcased his true colours after releasing a new campaign song praising President Museveni and asking his fans to vote for him. We have the song he

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"My father didn't want me to Marry Ronald Mayinja because of HIV Aids"- Wife Aisha confesses

Veteran singer, turned politician Ronald Mayinja's wife, Aisha Nakyeyune has opened up with a confession of how her father never wanted her to marry Ronald Mayinja because of HIV Aids. Aisha re

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Ronald Mayinja Losses His House in Konge Over His Wife's Jealousness

Veteran musician Ronald Mayinja who recently joined politics has now lost his House in Konge just because of his wife Aisha Nakyeyune's non-stop jelousy fights. According to Blizz Uganda source


Tables Turned: Ronald Mayinja Wants the Big Office, He's to Run for Presidency

Its reported that singer turned politician Ronald Mayinja is set to run for presidency in the forthcoming general elections. According to inside reports, the politically and socially driven singer


Ronald Mayinja Gifted With a Brand New Car After Ditching People Power and Creating Own Movement

Popular singer Ronald Mayinja is already reaping big from his crossover from People Power to the NRM ruling government. It is reported that the politically and socially driven singer and CEO Peace


Ronald Mayinja Among MAK Graduates with a Bachelor's Degree

Renowned local band musician Ronald Mayinja has graduated with a Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Social Science from the country's oldest highest institution of learning, Makerere University.


Ronald Mayinja Quits 'People Power', Launches Own Movement Called 'Peace For All'

Veteran musician and People Power co-ordinator Ronald Mayinja, also a Gomba MP Seat aspirant, has launched his own political movement away from Bobi Wine's People Power. While addressing the me

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Ronald Mayinja clears air about rumors of him irrigating Racheal Namiiro's inner thighs (Photos)

Golden band musician Ronald Mayinja has finally come out and opened up about rumors pinning him to irrigating singer Racheal Namiiro's inner thighs after raunchy photos of the two leaking out.

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"I will never forgive Mayinja, he should stage his own concert"- Catherine Kusaasira speaks out

Still angry with fellow Golden Band's member for spoiling her music concert, singer Catherine Kusasira has come out to with a simple advise to Ronald Mayinja to think about taking his politics to his


"I’m Not Afraid to Die"- Ronald Mayinja Bravely Speaks Out (VIDEO)

Ever since Ronald Mayinja sang his "Bizemu" song during Catherine Kusaasira's concert, his name has been on the mouth of everyone as he even recently came out and cried out that they want to kill him.

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"They are threatening to kill me"- Worried for his life Ronald Mayinja cries out (VIDEO)

Just in a moment of the days after the controversial scenes at Serena Hotel during Catherine Kusasira's 'Tears of a woman' concert, several developments have emerged with most public figures going pol

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"Illiteracy is Eating Up Bebe Cool"- Ronald Mayinja Speaks Out

"Bebe Cool Learnt English without attending classes, the funny bit is that when you learn the Queen's language without attending lessons, its so dangerous as far as the way you reason out issues not p


"History will be kind to you"- Bobi Wine praises Ronald Mayinja for telling Museveni to stop killing people

As we hit the climax of the year 2019 when revelers and music critics try to analyse and rank the entertainment industry:s best and worst performers, singer turned politician MP Bobi Wine has already

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