"Is she the one chewing our sweet Presidential candidate John Katumba?"- Curious fans wonder

Posted on Nov 22, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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For some days now, social media has been covered with photos of Presidential candidate John Katumba sharing some cozy moments with a georgous babe, making many wish they had 20Million to spare just to be in his shoes. Many have been wondering whether she is the one chewing his cassava.

Taking it to social media, Katumba 'Oyeee' showed off to the whole World his one and only heart beat, Katumba John girlfriend and likely to be our First Lady if he wins the vote in 2021.

The 24 year old presidential aspirant has been on needles as people have always asked him to show off the ‘first lady’ to the country. And all he did, is to appear mysteriously all in poses and with wide smiles.

Who is this woman posing with Katumba John?

According to Times UG, she is the famous Methia Lydia Nabawanda. This lady is a famous YouTuber and an influencer on social media, when more research was made, it appeared that Katumba John and girlfriend were on set with her as she held an interview with him on her A Chat With Methia show on YouTube.

Born Nabawanda Methia Lydia on the 9th of June 1997, she is a qualified journalist, digital influencer and famous Content creator on YouTube. She was born in Wakiso district, and a Busiro South, Nakawuka child.

Methia Nabawanda, went to St John Bosco School in Katende, Mpigi. Then Seroma Christian High School (UACE), and later finished her studies from UMCAT School of Journalism in Nakulabye, and did Journalism and Mass Communication.

However, we could not rely on the given information alone, attempts to reach Lydia Methia were still futile by the time of this piece publication. We still, maintain it that Katumba John will be officially off the hook when he announces and affirms this himself.

Also Watch the Video Below:


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