EXPOSED: How Much NBS TV Pays Their After5 Employees, MC Kats, Douglas, DVJ Mercy and Roja

Posted on May 03, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Ever since Sheila Gashumba exposed the salary NTV Pays to their employees, people have been wondering what NBS Offers, here we have all their salaries and why they have managed to steal NTV and Urban TV workers.

According to trusted sources, The Fantastic Four of After5 show, DJ Roja, DVJ Mercy Pro, MC Kats, and Douglas Lwanga are paid quiet handsomely which has enabled them brag about being the most paid TV workers in Uganda.

DJ Roja and DVJ Mercy Pro earn a combined UGx3 Million, with each taking home UGx 1.5 million as they work on both After 5, NBS Katchup and on Nxt Radio.

DJ Roja, MC Kats and Douglas Lwanga

Then the bug dogs, Douglas Lwanga earns a whooping UGx1.8 Million a month while MC Kats who was signed from NTV four years ago at UGx2 Million now earns UGx2.2 Million every month.

It must be noted that before he joined NBS TV, MC Kats was earning a paltry UGx500, 000 at NTV for his eXpozed show.

Then the four presenters get free publicity from NBS Television for their side gigs like; Douglas’ Purple Party, MC Kats’ King of the Mic or Roja’s annual Mixtape Parties alongside partner, DJ Slick Stuart and DVJ Mercy also gets to advertise his nightly events like Copa Cabana and so many more.

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