Voltage Music's Kent and Flosso Announce Dates For Their Maiden Concert

Posted on Jan 28, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Ugandan music dynamic duo of Kent (Kent Koojo) and Flosso (Michael Mungu) popularly known by their stage name of Voltage music are set to face the weighing scale of how far they have pushed their music career by treating their fan base to a VIP Live Concert coming up in April this year.

When we talk about Kent and Flosso, the real picture that comes into the revelers minds is one of the most consistent Ugandan music duos famously known for popping up with repeated club bangers one after another that have for the past mesmerized air waves like no more.

The music machines as they commonly describe their capabilities have set the 17th April for their first of the kind VIP music concert at UMA show grounds where they will take on revelers through the drills of their amazing hits.

This will be followed by an extra concert on 18th April at Freedom City, Namasuba where the "Byafaayo" singers will treat the rest of their fans to a family music show where parental guidance will only be strictly focused on the inborn and breast feeding babies.

After a long spell of dreaming for something bigger in their entire music career, we are indeed optimistic for a sold out concert for the talented singing duo with just a decade while going on with serious competition in the local creative industry.

Let's watch the space.

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