"We are not ready to be led by selfish Bobi Wine"- Struggling musician King Micheal gives his reasons

Posted on Nov 07, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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As we gear up for the 2021 general elections, struggling singer Micheal Mugwanya alias King Micheal has also spoken out about MP Bobi Wine's intentions of running for the country's top most seat by claiming that as musicians, they aren't ready to be led the Kyadondo East legislator.

Blizz Uganda has learnt that the 'Muko Muko' is the acting personal assistant to the Presidential Advisor on the ghetto issues (faded singer Buchaman) no wonder is so positive and dedicated towards promoting the interests of the NRM political party.

"We as musicians weren't happy with Bobi Wine's selfish interests of contesting for presidency for the very first time and he can't be our president," King Micheal briefly gives his view about the upcoming 2021 general elections.

King Micheal has vowed not to allow a selfish and self centered leader like Bobi Wine take over presidency given the fact that he failed even upping the standards of the dwellers in the ghettos yet he claimed to have joined politics so as to fight for the less previleged in the ghetto.

"He really forget the plight of the ghetto a place where he started his journey from. Ever since he joined Parliament, he has never even convened a single meeting to listen to the issues pertaining youth in the ghetto not until President Museveni came out recently. He forsake his people though they raised him to where he is now no wonder we are determined to fight with Buchaman and frustrate his wicked agenda," Lamented King Micheal.

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