Jose Chameleone and Ruger Surprises Fans at Promoter Bol Abuk and Wife Regina Lual's Star-Studded Lavish Wedding

Posted on Nov 21, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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In a dazzling celebration of love and music, Nigerian afrobeat sensation Ruger and Uganda's own Jose Chameleon graced the opulent wedding festivities of music promoter Bol Abuk and his bride, Regina Lual, on a star-studded evening that saw the two families unite. This confirmed how South Sudan is now safe for artistes all over africa to visit.

The ceremony, held at a luxurious Juba hotel, took an emotional turn as the Young entrepreneur and heir to the late Commander Kerbino Kuanyin Bol exchanged vows with his beloved Regina, evoking tears of joy that captured the hearts of social media users.

Surprising attendees and fans alike, Ruger, known for his distinctive eye-patch, made an unannounced entrance to the party, adding an unexpected spark to the celebration.

This marked his second visit to South Sudan since the electrifying Juba concert in October 2022. But this proved that all the country's drama is left behind and safety is back on board.

Expressing his happiness for the newlyweds, Ruger took to the stage during his surprise performance, saying, "I am so happy for you, my brother. I had to come all the way from Nigeria to show you that I love you."

Amid cheers from the crowd, he continued, "I love you, my bro. You got a good woman here. You got me."

The superstar, who skyrocketed to fame in 2019, shared his aspirations for his own wedding day, stating, "I am waiting for the day I am going to be married too. And you have to come to my wedding. Yeah, you have to come to my wedding," he declared to Bol Abuk, generating even more excitement among the cheering audience.

The musical spectacle didn't end with Ruger; other renowned artists like Tanzania's Jux, the legendary Ugandan musician Jose Chameleone, and South Sudan's Alijioma Mabil also took the stage, ensuring the wedding became a night to remember for all attendees.

As images and videos flooded social media platforms, fans around the globe joined in celebrating the union of Bol Abuk and Regina Lual, making it clear that this star-studded affair was more than just a wedding—it was a musical extravaganza that will be etched in the memories of all who attended.

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