Th Blu*3 Reportedly Cancel Reunion Concert Slated on Same Date as Ronald Mayinja’s Show

Posted on Feb 10, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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The much-anticipated for Blu*3 reunion concert that was scheduled to take place this March has hit a temporary pause due to an unexpected clash with Ronald Mayanja's upcoming celebration, they have reportedly decided to postpond or even cancel it.

The clash unfolded as both parties had originally planned their concerts for the same dates and at the same prestigious venue.

Blu3 had initially set their sights on a spectacular reunion concert at Serena Hotel on Women's Day, March 8, 2024 – a plan that coincidentally overlapped with Ronald Mayanja's "Old is Gold Mayanja at 47" concert.

However, demonstrating a commendable display of industry camaraderie, Cindy Sanyu of Blu3 reached out to Mayanja in a proactive move to resolve the scheduling conflict. In a heartwarming twist, it was revealed that Blu3 had gracefully rescheduled their concert to allow Mayanja to proceed with his celebration without any hiccups.

Ronald Mayanja expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards Blu3 for their understanding and respect. He disclosed that Cindy Sanyu personally contacted him to discuss the clash, and Blu3 generously adjusted their plans to ensure a harmonious celebration for all parties involved.

Mayanja acknowledged Blu3's recognition of his contribution to the music industry and praised them for extending the olive branch, giving him the green light to proceed with his event on the previously chosen dates and venue.

While the exact rescheduled date for Blu3's reunion event remains under wraps, fans can anticipate further details to be unveiled in the group's upcoming announcements.

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