Ronald Mayinja Reportedly Rents Out His House for 6 Years and Relocates His Family to USA

Posted on May 26, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Singer Ronald Mayinja has reportedly relocated to USA after allegedly renting out his house to Nigerians for 6 years, he first sent away his wife and kids and now he has also flown out.

According to information we have received,  it is said that Ronald Mayinja’s appearance at fellow singer Mesach Semakula’s concert at Kampala Serena Hotel on the 19th of this month served as his farewell performance as he left the nation a few days later.

The development comes years after the former Eagles Production singer moved his wife Aisha Nakyeyune and their kids to the USA where they’ve been residing to the current day.

The difficulties in Uganda including his political miscalculations are said to have influenced Mayinja’s decision to flee the country.

Additionally, there are rumours that Ronald Mayinja rented his marriage home to a Nigerian family before departing for the US.

Watch the video below:

More details to follow!

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