"Rema was messing up and using my brother Kenzo"- Ykee Benda continues to meddle into broken love

Posted on Oct 13, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Still sticking to the trending story of the break up of the local celebrity couple currently making news in town, singer Wycliff Tugume alias Ykee Benda has too come out to defend Eddy Kenzo by asserting that his ex baby mama (Rema Namakula) should be the one to blame after all she was messing up her husband's feelings.

Moving with the narrative of the Big Talent Music Group CEO who previously pinned 'Maama' Aamal for being unfair and insensitive to him to the fact that she couldn't let him be to fulfill his household responsibilities, 'The Boy So Tender' alleges that Rema's move of dumping her marriage in favour of new boyfriend Doctor Hamza Sebunya is a real reflection of most women who believe that the love cycle should be rotated around their control.

In a lengthy statement through his social media Facebook platform, the 'Eva' singer has advised women to have some patience in love after all men are never after disappointing them or playing around with their feelings but working tirelessly to set up a better future of the families they do start up with them.


young girls of our generation, there's something that isn't right with you mikwano,some of you are taking life for granted, ur not serious with life .

You expect good things to happen just today or tomorrow and thats what you call waiting for so long ? 

Most of you want to live expensive lives yet you don't want to work, you want a man to provide for you, which is OK because it's natural men are supposed to provide for women but again you dont want us to work too.
You want me to stay with you at home , I work at night you know that but you want me to spend the nights at home. 
Where do you think we gonna get that money you want nga you want everything in time.

You want to dress like Beyonce who works day n night! 
Then after u will tell me Mbu sikuwa budde so because of that ur leaving me yet I've been sleeping out for ur own Good . 
This music business is a tiresome business like anyother or even more, u spend day time In studio creating what will entertain the people, so that they pay and when they do so, that's when I will be able to meet ur expensive lives. 
When a man doesn't work bamulekawo, bwakola neela bamulekawo Mbu tabawa time. Now what should We do? 

My sisters learn to be patient mikwano, it's not that tuba tetubagala, it's not wasting ur time, its simply preparing for the future of the families we start with you. 
Stop messing up with our feelings nga mwekwasa ebintu ebitali bituufu, at times we go wrong in relationships but that's part humanity, u make those mistakes too and we understand. 

Don't let that those marriage failure friends of yours tell you what to do. We love you so much naye mutumalamu amanyi.  Anyway this music can never disappoint Byebyo," Lamented singer Ykee Benda.

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