Remembering Music Legend Herman Basudde 23 Years After His Death

Posted on Jun 11, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Today marks 23 years ever since the bizzare death of seasoned and talented Kadongo Kamu musician, the late Herman Basudde.

Born on 5th December 1958 to Namyalo Dimitri and Eria Katende of Bubundo, Masaka district, Basudde died on 11th June 1997 in nasty car accident while travelling to his parents village in Masaka district.

Basudde attended Kibanda and Kitenga Primary Schools though he said not to have gone beyond the primary level due to lack of funds despite being a quick learner.

His passion for music started way from school and with the help of his father's best friend, who served with him in the world war, Brown Rodgers, who gave him his first guitar.

As a talented guitarist, his first song was Amajjini getala luno, which he performed at his local church.

Basudde is credited as one of the musicians who revived interest in Kadongo kamu, mixing Western and Kiganda music to appeal to a new audience. He had a husky voice and sang passionate songs about mischievous love affairs, philandering husbands, and bizarre witchcraft

Basudde further won over revelers hearts with his popular song, Ekiwuka Ekyaga Muntamu, where he used a metaphor to invoke the AIDS epidemic in Uganda. In the song, the narrator dreams of a lizard-like insect invading his home and despoiling life, food, and sex.

He won 1994 best Solo country African musician and crowned with a silver medal by Lt. Masiko, deputy director of Political Education, Information & Culture on 19.11.1995.

On 11th June 1997, he went to meet Jane Basirika (concubine) after several days while touring East Africa. misunderstanding back ago, so they had a family union. They then set off for Masaka.

His father had been paralyzed at home. On their way, they stopped at Lukaya road toll for a snack. Here, Basudde got annoyed with a certain man and he was about to fight him, his friend Sylvester Busuulwa settled the matter.

He started the vehicle with a lot of anger and at a high speed. Reaching Kabale Bugonzi, a tragedy happened.

As a lorry was overtaking, Basudde lost control and his vehicle overturned several times thereby breathing his last. That was the end of him.

Before Basudde died, he insisted that he be buried with his favourite "dry guitar", as he called it.

Herman Bassude, Livingstone Kasozi, Fred Ssebatta and Paul Kafeero will forever be remembered as a golden generation of Kadongo Kamu (country music) in Uganda.

Below are some of the memorable songs from Herman Basudde:

1. Abakungubazi,

2. Abakyala kyabeeyi,

3. Abankuseere,

4. Abayimbi mutuveeko,

5. Africa,

5. Akadda nyuma, or Kelementina,

6. Akyalina nyoko, or Nanziri, or mulekwa,

6. Buddu owedda,

7. Bus dunia

8. Byendabye,

9. Byebalinanga,

10. Byetwalaba,

11. Ebiyita ekiro, or Ekiryo nomuwafu,

12. Eggwala,

13. Ekirooto kyeggulu,

14. Ekitutwala Ku mbaga,

15. Ekiwuka ekyaggwa mu ntamu,

16. Ekyali mu sabo

17. Emikwano,

18. enimiro yokukubuganga,

19. Ensi egenze wala

20. Esomero lyabakyala,

21. Esuuti ya kawemba or okwekuuma

22. Kabuladda Anthem,

23. Kasamba lyanda,

24. Kopolo Herman,

25. Linda Ziwere,

27. Milly Nanyondo,

28. Mubune engoye,

29. Mukyala mugerwa

30. Mulamu tonenya.

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