"I Don't Care How Many Men Have Chewed Your Sumbie, I'll Always Love You"- Bugingo to Makula

Posted on May 09, 2021
By Kiggundu Abraham
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House of Prayer Ministries International lead Pastor Aloysious Bugingo has how he isn't moved by the number of men that have ever slept with his fiancee, Suzan Makula Nantaba.

Ever since breaking up with wife Pastor Teddy Naluswa Bugingo, furious netizens have been hurling insults at the Man of God's mistress who they deemed not to be fit to chew a married man's cassava given the fact she moreover had broken a number of unknown men's hearts before.

During his homily at the Canaan Land last Saturday, Bugingo advised women to dump unserious partners who are more interested in knowing about their past relationships.

"And that man wishing to marry u but wants to first ascertain the number of men u have ever slept with, just dump him caz the past events have no future. The future starts with u and him going forward," Hajj Pastor Bugingo partly stated.

According to Pastor Bugingo, men have to stop being arrogant since women are not like soap once used, has to be used up after a given period.

He asserts that the fact that women see a lot of men during their growth doesn't mean that they lose they inner beauty and body shape.

"Women were naturally gifted by God as their physical appearance is not determined by the so many relationships they have ever had. Take an instance, they deliver babies but get back to their normal shape. Should we say that all men in the entire universe are blind and its only your man that was gifted with the eye sight to explore women's sumbies? Men should stop being stupid and arrogant and love their wives just like the way they are regardless of the untold stories that they experience in their past." Pastor Aloysius Bugingo.

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