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"I Don't Care How Many Men Have Chewed Your Sumbie, I'll Always Love You"- Bugingo to Makula

House of Prayer Ministries International lead Pastor Aloysious Bugingo has how he isn't moved by the number of men that have ever slept with his fiancee, Suzan Makula Nantaba. Ever since breaki


"My Mother Told Me that I Look Like Nabagereka the Queen of Buganda"- Susan Makula Brags

Pastor Aloysious Bugingo's mistress Suzan Makula Nantaba has come out to brag how she resembles Buganda Kingdom's Queen, Nabagereka Sylvia Naginda. Nantaba has revealed how she was told by her

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Pastor Bugingo Exposes Ugandan Pastors that Are Homosexual, Exposes Full List of Gay Leaders

House of Prayer Ministries International Lead Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has named a list of renowned Ugandan city pastors practicing homosexuality in churches. Sleeping with young boys and turning them


Muslims Warn Pastor Bugingo Off Islam If He Ever Wants to Have Peace (VIDEO)

Angry Muslims have sent out a bitter and final warning to House of Prayer Ministries Proprietor, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo to never speak about their religion again if he ever wants to have peace. Ap

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Pastor Bugingo Attacks Pastor Robert Kayanja Exposing How he is Fighting to Bring him Down

House of Prayer Ministries International Church lead Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has once again brought his family wars to the pulpit after coming out accusing Pastor Robert Kayanja of tearing up his fami


Pastor Bugingo Begs the Government to Open Up Bars and Clubs

House of Prayer Ministries lead Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has pleaded to the government of Uganda to open up the bar business. Leaving aside the loans and rent arrears that are getting to the necks o

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VIDEO: Pastor Bugingo Bitterly Attacks Nabilah Ssempala, Spills Her Dirty Secrets

House of prayer Ministries’ head Pastor, Aloysius Bugingo has come out and bitterly attacked Hon Nabilah Ssempala Naggayi, exposing all her dirty secrets and branding her a certified sumbie vend

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"Even the Toilets at my Church Look Much Better than Your Homes"- Bugingo to Bobi Wine Supporters

House of Prayer Ministries' Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has hit hard at Bobi Wine supporters that keep abusing him and his Church at Canan Land, he has bragged about how he sleeps in a Mansion while N


Pastor Bugingo Spills Bitter Secrets of How Bobi Wine Got an Armoured Car from Museveni

House of Prayer Ministries proprietor Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has once again come out and spilled bitter secrets about Bobi Wine and his new Bullet proof car, he reveals how it was a gift for him from


"Please Stop the Importation of Second Hand Clothes"- Pastor Bugingo Urges Government

House of Prayer Ministries proprietor Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has urged the Ugandan government to stop the importation of Second Hand clothes especially those from China. In His Summon last Sunday,

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Pastor Bugingo Reportedly Flys Suzan Makula to USA to Give Birth

Reports coming through from Canaan Land HOUSE OF PRAYER MINISTRIES church, state how their proprietor Pastor Aloysious Bugingo flew out his new lover Suzan Makula Nantaba to USA to give birth to his n

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Pastor Bugembe and Pastor Bugingo End their 10 Years Long Feud (VIDEO)

The Worship House Ministries proprietor Pastor Wilson Bugembe and Canaan Land HOUSE OF PRAYER MINISTRIES proprietor Pastor Aloysius Bugingo have finally ended their long battle after 10years as Pastor


Pastor Bugingo Sets Dates Of His Wedding With Susan Makula Nantaba

Latest info we have gotten in Blizz Uganda offices confirm how House of Prayer International Ministries proprietor Pastor Aloysius Bugingo is set to marry his new sweetheart, Susan Makula Nantaba on a

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