VIDEO: Singer Hassan Ndugga Runs Mad, Now Feeding From Garbage Pit

Posted on February 05, 2021
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Celebrity Gossip

A lot of prayers are still needed for faded Kadongo Kamu artiste Hassan Ndugga after running mad. Blizz Uganda has ascertained how the "Term Egenda" singer is now feeding on the garbage pit.

Accordingly, the singer who way back devoted his entire life to small gods thereby dumping his Islamic name "Hassan" for Lubaale Bamweyana shocked his neighbours in Ndejje, a Kampala city outskirt last Thursday 4th February as he lost his conscience thereby destroying his entire household property.

Having lost control, the "Mugugu" hitbsibber stormed out his rental for Natete where he left many revelers speechless most of whom managed to recognize him as they felt pity for their diehard celebrity seeing him feeding on the garbage.

Some of his close associates that have managed to interact with Blizz Uganda for interviewing mention Ndugga's manager a one Dudu have revealed being surprised with the singer's worrying mental condition given the fact that his IQ has been steady for the past days.

In all in all, revelers allege that Ndugga might be serving a big punishment having messed up with the spirits that he is currently subscribing to.

Watch the video below;