Zari Hassan's Ex Lover Farouk Sempala Sends Out a Bitter Warning to Peng Peng (VIDEO)

Posted on Jul 09, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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City socialite Zari Hassan's former sumbie chewer Farouk Sempala, currently married to Ebonies Actress Julie Underwood has come out and bitterly warned the self styles Facebook blogger Peng Peng aka Raymond Soulfa.

A few days ago Peng Peng through his Facebook page put up a post aimed at Farouk Sempala and his ex relationship with Zari Hassan which has forced the latter to come out and reply to him.

Now through his Facebook profile, Farouk also put up a post that read;

"PENG PENG ssebo I hardly speak volumes but I think u have taken me for granted when it comes to selling yo popularity via media being silent doesn't mean I can't bite. Is it necessary for you to drag ma family in yo pro talk to someone in yo live stream? .Not speaking vulgar doesn't mean I can't say or be it. Try me and I will be in competition for that as an expendable but before I fully engage you intellectually I will invite you to an open challenge show me wonsinga ssebo starting from .

Family values and upbringing, Educational background , Living well as in a house, car and family well-being, Travels for exposure, business or leisure and generation of income regardless per capita or annual. And let us both display evidence to counter and leave it to the Facebook fans to decide since u attacked my family and well - being via Facebook. Mwe bwetusilika mutuyita basiru siru ssebo?????"- He posted.

Then he also later put up a video that shocked many mostly because of his English accent.

Watch it Below:

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