"You abuse my daughter but you don't know the father of your kids"- Frank Gashumba attacks Tina

Posted on Jul 04, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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"Tina should now focus on how to settle down in her marital relationship and find our why men use her and latter dump her," lamented Frank Gashumba partly.

The CEO Sisimuka Uganda, Frank Gashumba has added a spoonful of salt in the injury by advising former Urban TV's Queen of roasting Tina Fierce, real names, Christine Karina to focus on finding out the exact fathers of her three children instead of wasting her body calories on his 20 year old daughter, Sheila Carol Gashumba.

In reaction to the ongoing social media bullying that saw the Scoop on Scoop gossip TV presenter insult Sheila and boyfriend God's Plan innocently, Mr. Malingumu has showed worry why such acts of hate on social media are existing in Uganda yet in her neighbours like in Kenya, the social media is counter productive.

Frank Gashumba through a live social media feed has revealed how perplexed he is to see to it that a fellow like Tina Fierce who is a single mother looking after three children moreover whose fathers she isn't certain of has the audacity of channeling the attention to his daughter whose achievements outweigh her entire career.

Watch Zari Hassan firing at Tina:

According to Frank Gashumba, he has been observing Tina Fierce's social media clips and realised how badly off she is to the extent that she can't even have outfits worth 20K in her wardrobe hence a need to settle down and better her worrying personal life.

"And you wake up every morning basing on a TV station to shower abuses at my daughter. I'm still perplexed about the exact intentions and I need divine powers. A single mother, you have three children with different fathers whom you aren't even certain of and instead channel all your hate to my daughter on a daily! Tina should now focus on how to settle down in her marital relationship and find out why men use her and latter dump her, learn how to take her children to good schools in the city. Surprisingly, I have been observing her videos for the last month and she doesn't have clothes even worth 20K in her wardrobe," added the Sisimuka Uganda CEO.

Gashumba has cautioned media stations against cyber bullying since more law suits that require paying up costs and damages are still rising up.

"Media people should mind about the people that they are dealing with no wonder more law suits with damages and costs are still rising up. You can make a show without demeaning others."-Frank Gashumba.

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