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Balaam Barugahara explains why he gave 1M to Frank Gashumba

Balaam Barugahara has comeout to explain why he sent money to Frank Gashumba after being exposed that he was trying to bribe Gashumba to support the ruling NRM Party. Just out of the blue, the moto

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"Take Back Your Bribe Money, I Am a Respectable Man"- Frank Gashumba Ashames Balaam

Social, political activist and motivational speaker Frank Malingumu Gashumba real names Frank Gashumba has scoffed at renowned events promoter and ruling NRM party mobiliser Balaam Barugahara for brib

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Frank Gashumba In Trouble For Posting a Married Woman and Pretending to Chew Her Sumbie

The Motor Mouthed Frank Malimungu Gashumba has landed in big trouble after going to his social media and posting a married woman indentied as Rwanda Angelle Sabrina, calling her his sumbie chewer.


"You abuse my daughter but you don't know the father of your kids"- Frank Gashumba attacks Tina

"Tina should now focus on how to settle down in her marital relationship and find our why men use her and latter dump her," lamented Frank Gashumba partly. The CEO Sisimuka Uganda, Frank

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"Am madly in love with you, please marry me"- City slayer proposes to Frank Gashumba

A city slayer identified as Sarah Henza has come out and confessed her deep feelings for Sheila Gashumba's father Frank Malimungu Gashumba of Sisimuka Uganda. Through a video clip shared on her

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"Chew as You Want, Dowry Can Wait"- Frank Gashumba Tells God's Plan

A screenshot showing Frank Gashumba begging God's Plan to pay his daughter Sheila Gashumba's dowery has been making rounds but Frank has now trashed this, he says he doesn't care about dow

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"Mayiga is a Very Stupid Man, I Have No Problem with Buganda"- Frank Gashumba Leaks Secrets

After him being given just 2 days to apologize to Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga, Frank Gashumba goes more bitter with the katikkiro of Buganda, Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga after the capture of events

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"BBS Telefayina Does Not Belong to Buganda"- Frank Gashumba Spills All Secrets

During Frank Gashumba and Katikiro Charles Mayiga's heated up battle, Frank has spilled secrets of how Buganda's pride, BBS Telefayina does not belong to the Kingdome but rather selfish beings


Frank Gashumba Exposes Full List Of Buganda's Assets That Were Sold By Katikiro Mayiga

Frank Malimungu Gashumba has exposed the full list of all Buganda Kingdom's property that has been sold by the "selfish" Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga. During a shocking video clip, t

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Shocking Reasons Why Frank Gashumba Exposed All Katikiro Mayiga's Dirty Underwears

People who had been left on the side not knowing why Frank Gashumba launched a battle on Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga can now rest after this deep investigation that reveals shocking reasons why.


"I'm ready to drag that arrogant faded journalist to court"- Frank Gashumba threatens Robin Kisti

Social and political analyst, Frank Malimungu Gashumba has vowed to drag former NTV Uganda Login presenter, Robin Kisiti to the courts of law for defamation Blizz Uganda has learned. Robinah Namboo

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Eddie Sendi Exposes Frank Gashumba's Dirty Past, How He Became a Con-Man

Dembe FM presenter on 'Talk and Talk Show', Edward Sendikadiwa, commonly known as Eddie Sendi has exposed Frank Gashumba, how he became a con-man and all the dirty background no body knew abou

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"I swear Sheila will never work on TV again, she's past that level"- Frank Gashumba vows

Social and political analyst Frank Gashumba has shockingly revealed how his daughter, popular media personality and fashionista Sheila Carol Gashumba will no longer work on TV again. The 'Sisim

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Frank Gashumba Banned From Appearing On Any TV Station

Different Media Houses in Uganda have joined forces and agreed never to host again the Motor mouthed Frank Malimungu Gashumba on their TV stations. According to info we have received, different med

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"Frank Gashumba bribed NTV to give Sheila a Job"- Former employee Robin Kisti spills secrets

Former workmate of Sheila Gashumba and Login presenter at the Serena based TV station, Robin Kisiti has exposed Sheila's bitter secrets publicly mention how her father, Mr. Frank Gashumba bribed t


"Pastor Bugingo is an example of a true man of God"- Frank Gashumba asks other pastors to copy

Sisimuka Uganda CEO Frank Gashumba has showered Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, of House of Prayer Ministries International church with praises after him donating out UGx100 Million Covid-19 task force. F

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VIDEO: Frank Gashumba Finally Falls in Love After Years of Trial and Rejection, Sheila Gets a Step Mother

Motor mouthed political commentator Frank Malimungu Gashumba has finally found new love after years of trial and rejection and Sheila Gashumba is over excited to embrace her new step mother. Sheila


Disappointed and Ashamed, Frank Gashumba Gives Up On His Daughter Sheila

He used to stand tall and talk about her proudly and braggantly but now he hides his face whenever the name Sheila Gashumba is mentioned. Political analyst and Sisimuka Uganda CEO Frank Gashumba se


Court Makes Final Verdict About Frank Gashumba's Fraud Case, the Judgement is Unbelievable

Buganda Road Court Magistrate Stella Amabilis has on Thursday 7th November exonerated social media critic and renowned 'Ssemyekozo' Frank Gashumba from charges of fraud that were slapped against him i


“People Power can’t be stupid enough to produce Bobi Wine as the next President“- Frank Gashumba.

Political analyst, the motor mouthed Sisimuka Uganda boss Frank Malimungu Gashumba has laid out his thoughts about Bobi Wine’s political ambitions and weaknesses, also reasons why he can never becom

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