Diamond Platnumz' Ex, Tunda Laughs Hard at Tanasha After Ignoring Her Warning

Posted on Mar 06, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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A few days ago Tanasha Donna walked out of Diamond’s life but his ex- girlfriends are not attacking her like she commited  ahuge crime including one of the girls Diamond slept with while he was still dating Zari.

Tunda of Katibu wa Umbea has come out and clarified some issues on what led to their breakup as she claims that Tanasha entered the relationship with Diamond to build her music career, not for love.

The Tanzanian gossip pundit claims that Tanasha wanted to use the chance to empower herself. That whenever Diamond was going to make an appearance she was always there. So, she could be known worldwide.

Tunda said that this is something Diamond’s managers had not agreed on because she was neither signed under WCB nor married to Diamond.

Tunda explained, “The managers had already seen her aim to make it in music through Diamond and they were not happy with it. That is why their song gere is under Diamond’s page. They did not want Tanasha to get more subscribers and views.”

Tunda added that Mama Dangote and Esma Platnumz only want what is best for  Diamond. Apparently, Tanasha wanted to leave her young son to go back to the studio and also do shows and tour.

Nevertheless, Mama Diamond refused to take responsibility for her child. So she left in a huff.

Tunda narrated that, “She came back and packed her things then went to a hotel and flew to Kenya the next day with her child. We are now waiting for her to start asking for child support just like Hamisa and Zari.

Watch the video below:


Tanasha Donna Dumps Diamond Platnumz For Cheating and Breaking Her Heart (SCREENSHOTS)

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