Struggling socialite Sarajoy exposes Pr. Bugingo’s daughter Doreen as a Lesbian, shocking details

Posted on Dec 11, 2019
By Nasa Tushabe
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Pastor Aloysius Bugingo might soon swallow his words after his daughter has been exposed as a lesbian shortly after his remarks against LGBT Community and more especially to the People Power leader Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi ALIAS Bobi Wine who recently revealed that he respects gay rights on a live TV interview in South Africa.

Pr. Bugingo’s daughter was exposed by a famous Facebook blogger known as Sarajoy Bakanansa who said that she has all evidence that Bugingo’s daughter Doreen Bugingo is a lesbian who dates fellow ladies and was recently in a relationship with one identified as Leilah.

“Pastor Bugingo you are a shameless man. Your own daughter Doreen Bugingo is a lesbian who dated Leila” started Sarajoy in a Facebook post.

Sarajoy further said that Bujingo’s daughter character couldn’t sustain a relationship and she was soon dumped by Leilah because of her poor hygiene and poor manners.

Pastor Bugingo during a sermon preached to his followers saying that they should not vote any leader who claims to respect gay rights since according to him the act is contrary to the Bible teachings.

They asked one of the presidential hopefuls in Uganda what he thinks about gays; try to look for his reply. You as a born again, don’t just go with any politician. First look out for what these politicians think about the God you serve.”  Pastor Bugingo said in a sermon.

“Next time before you open your mouth and attack Bobiwine just know he is fighting for human rights of everyone including your own daughter.” Said Sarajoy told Bugingo.

She later reminded him that if he keeps on fighting homosexuality, he will be fighting his own blood, his own DNA.

Sarajoy is a People Power campaigner which has made some people to put bias on her claims. Besides mentioning Doreen’s name and the name of her acclaimed Lesbian lover Leilah, Sarajoy did not bring any further information or evidence to prove her allegations that the daughter of the renowned pastor is really a lesbian. Whereas in the first post she had tagged the user account of Babirye Leilah as the ex lover of Doreen, Sarajoy edited out the name Babirye and even untagged her which left her followers wondering if the story is true or they are baseless allegations.

A screenshot of Sarajoy's Facebook post before she edited out the name Babirye Leilah

Sarajoy claims that she has messages of Doreen asking Leilah for the second chance to be pardoned and threatened to release them if Pastor Bugingo keeps pressing hard on Bobi Wine’s statement of respecting gay rights.

At the time of writing, neither Pastor Bugingo, nor his daughter had come out to refute or acknowledge the allegations.


"Don't Vote For Anyone Who Supports Homosexuality"- Pastor Bugingo Hits Hard at Bobi Wine

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