VIDEO: Spice Diana speaks out about her longtime beef with Rema and why she wasn't invited for Kwanjula

Posted on Nov 19, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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People have always said that Spice Diana and Rema namakula are mortal enemies. Spice has now opened up about their beef and why she missed attending her Kwanjula.

She is not the only celebrity that was not invited to the ceremony but there have been rumors making rounds that Rema and Spice have had differences boiling behind the scenes and hence why she wasn’t anywhere near Nabbingo on 14th November.

Talking to Blizz Uganda, the Source Management artiste Spice Diana revealed that she has no problem whatsoever with Rema but was not in plans of the couple or even the organizers to be part of the function.

"I wasn’t invited but everyone has their plans as per these ceremonies. Everyone has their reasons, you can’t blame them for not inviting me. They couldn’t invite everyone because we’re many and you could find that they had a specific number of people planned for." she said.

Spice further commented on Rema’s styling at the function with the lighting dress being one of the highlights of the day. Spice noted that she liked all the outfits which were showcased and they made Rema stand out from the crowd.

"Everyone would have loved to be unique at their function because such events come once in a lifetime so they planned their looks and each time you wear an outstanding outfit, it attracts comments, the same reason why we’re still talking about it.", she added.

Watch the full interview below:

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