Malnourished-seasoned tycoon Sipapa parades off fat wads of dollars, tells haters to go and hang

Posted on Nov 13, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Seasoned City tycoon Charles Olim alias Sipapa on Tuesday 12th threw the entire social media platforms in mixed reactions after parading off millions of dollars on his entire social media platforms.

Ever since the pencil sized philanthropist and business man linked up with State House and President Museveni in general to up the standards of living of the youth who are embroiled in extreme poverty and unemployment, critics have been alleging that he had gone to seek for a start up capital after running bankrupt.

To prove that he is still one of the youthful tycoons currently ruling the town, Sipapa has decided to unmask his bank account for revelers to taste the business.

Though his real source of income isn't certain as many claim that he is a day robber, Sipapa while appearing on a certain TV interview revealed that he is generating most of his wealth particularly as a dealer in the gold business.

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