Family Feud in Kampala Goes Viral: 70-Year-Old Accuses Son's Wife of Betrayal

Posted on June 18, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Social media erupted over a dramatic video clip showing a heated argument between a 70-year-old man and his daughter-in-law at Blaize Interior, a popular interior design shop in Kampala. The elderly man, known as Hajji, confronted the woman, accusing her of being complicit in his son Akram's alleged betrayal.

The crux of the dispute stems from Hajji's claim that Akram misappropriated 100 million shillings from him. 

According to Hajji, his son used the money to acquire the interior design business and installed his wife as the manager. The business thrived, and the couple even bought a new car. 

However, Hajji's grievances escalated when he alleged that despite their newfound success, the couple refused to drive him to the hospital for his cancer treatment.

The viral video captures Hajji's frustration as he blames his daughter-in-law for the strained relationship with his son. In the clip, Hajji can be seen hurling harsh words at her, expressing his anger and disappointment. This incident has ignited a widespread discussion on social media, with many users weighing in on the family drama.

Reactions online have been mixed, with some sympathizing with Hajji's plight and others criticizing the public nature of the confrontation. The video has sparked debates about family loyalty, financial ethics, and the responsibilities of adult children towards their aging parents.