TikToker Pressure 24/7 Launches War on Buganda Kingdom Legitimacy, Fans Worried About Him

Posted on February 13, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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TikTok sensation known as Pressure 24.7 has worried fans for days now after initiating a bitter campaign challenging the legitimacy of the Buganda Kingdom. While the bizarre saga began as a humorous series of videos, it has escalated into a call for action, leaving fans both shocked and concerned.

Pressure 24.7, known for his entertaining content on TikTok, has recently turned his attention towards Buganda Kingdom, targeting everyone from the king himself to the queen, Nabbagereka.

In a series of quirky video clips, the social media star claims to be the grandson of Ssekabaka Muteesa, asserting that he is on a mission to deliver a message from his royal ancestor to fight for the kingdom's cause.

Pressure 24.7

The initially lighthearted tone has taken a serious turn as Pressure 24.7 has gone to the extent of promising to confront and harm anyone who opposes his supposed path to the throne.

What began as an amusing online escapade has evolved into a spectacle that has prompted genuine concerns among his followers about his safety and mental well-being.

Fans of Pressure 24.7, who are accustomed to his light-hearted and humorous content, are now expressing worry for his sanity as he delves deeper into this unexpected narrative. The unconventional approach to questioning Buganda Kingdom's legitimacy has left many wondering whether the TikTok star is genuinely impassioned or if this is an elaborate act for the sake of entertainment.

Pressure 24.7's unexpected foray into Buganda Kingdom politics has certainly captured the attention of his fans, prompting a mix of amusement and genuine concern.



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