The Top 10 Most Famous People in Uganda Today

Posted on Sep 20, 2019
By Nasa Tushabe
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Top 10

It’s just a few months remaining to end 2019 and the year has been packed is already packed with so many events, whence raising attention on certain people whom our team has collected and came out with a list of the most popular.

Some of these people are musicians, comedians and even politicians but they are well known almost everywhere as they have made names for themselves and captured so many headlines.

Below is the list of the most famous people in Uganda 2019:

1. H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni: Being the President of Uganda, Museveni has been the most popular human in our country ever since he took over power and Literally no Ugandan gets to 2 years without knowing his face of even his name.

2. Fresh Kid UG: You can’t read two tabloids in Uganda today and the name Fresh Kid is not mentioned anywhere, as he is now the biggest celebrity in the country, he has even crossed boarders and made big headlines outside, particularly he is the wonder kid on everyone’s mind. Together with his dad Fresh Daddy and mum, the Fresh Family has been the celebrity family of the year.

4. Bobi Wine: Being a big musician he was before, Bobi Wine added another title onto himself when he became a politician and MP for Kyadondo east, becoming the first Ghetto singer to join the parliament, this gave him a big milestone and now one of the most looked up to people in the country. His declaration to participate in 2021 elections has made him the biggest political rival of the incumbent president at the moment.

5. Jose Chameleone: Being one of the legendary musicians that started their music career in Kenya, Jose Chameleone has been able to stay relevant for all that while and up to today, almost every Ugandan knows him. His recent change from NRM to DP then to People Power and his intention to contest for the Kampala mayoral race increased his popularity.

5. Bebe Cool: Big Size needs not explanation, he is one of the top most controversial musicians in Uganda, everything he says or does can trend for weeks. He is just a showbiz man well known for that and singing. In 2019, Bebe Cool turned into a political activists and has been headlining political shows on major TV and Radio Stations.

6. Kizza Besigye: Four times presidential contestant, failed for many years and Kampala was his main stronghold. You can’t mention anything about Uganda politics and opposition leaders and leave out his name.

7. Anne Kansiime: There’s no way you can talk about Ugandan comedians and the name Anne Kansiime fails to pop into your head, she has made a name for herself, not only at home but also outside the country as that comic ninja from Uganda.

8. Zari Hassan: Defined as the queen of showbiz and Queen of all socialites in Uganda, Zari Hassan has maintained this position for almost 10years and she is one of the most talked about celebrities in Uganda and outside especially in East Africa.

9. Eddy Kenzo: When we talk about the most played Ugandan musicians outside the country, Eddy Kenzo cannot miss on the playlist as he mastered the art of his music crossing over ever since he released “Sitya Loss”, and he is also an inspiration to so many ghetto kids.

10. Mowzey Radio: Artistes don’t die, their Art lives on! He might be dead and buried for over a year, but Mowzey Radio was one of the people that helped shape and current style of music in Uganda, you cannot go anywhere in the country, mention his name and fail to get people that know or even loved his music. His songs are still highly played even today.

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