TikToker Queen Masolo Storms Singer George WillDive's Home Accusing Him of Leaking Her N#de Pics

Posted on Feb 05, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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TikToker Queen Masolo has shockingly stormed singer George WillDive's home in Kira-Bulindo, accusing him of refusing to pay for the N#de pics she sent him only for him to go ahead and leak them online a few weeks ago, Mbu he was supposed to pay her Ugx.2Million.

The incident unfolded in a video that quickly went viral across social media platforms as Queen Masolo, known for her content on TikTok, arrived at WillDive's home and confronted the situation head-on.

In the video, Masolo is seen knocking on the singer's gate, only to be met by the security guard, who informed her that WillDive was not present. Sheo took matters into her own hands, forcefully opening the gate and entering the premises.

The TikTok star accused WillDive of not only reneging on their financial agreement but also of leaking her private photos on social media. According to Masolo, the agreed-upon amount was UGx 2 Million, and she expressed her dissatisfaction with the singer's alleged failure to honor their deal.

As the video gained traction online, netizens expressed a mix of shock and amusement at the unfolding spectacle. The incident has sparked discussions about the blurred lines between online interactions and real-life consequences, especially within the realm of social media influencers and celebrities.

Despite the viral nature of the video, George WillDive has yet to make a public statement or offer any response regarding the allegations made by Queen Masolo.

Watch the video below:

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