Spice Diana Over the Moon as she Celebrates Her 23rd Birthday, Read Her Biography

Posted on Oct 23, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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Real names Namukwaya Hajara Diana but commonly known by her stage name of Spice Diana, the singer is celebrating her 23rd birthday today.

Spice Diana started her music career early while in her Senior Five and released her first hit single dubbed "Onsanula" while in her Senior Six Vacation.

She recently just finished studying at Makerere University and she graduated with a bachelors degree in Industrial Art and Design. 

Her first manager was Dr Fizol of Avie Records, and she was later managed by Twinkle Star and AgaNaga in 2016 and later on joined Manager Roger Lubega who is still her music manager and she is currently signed onto Source Management Music Label.

Over the years, Spice Diana has released several hit songs including; Anti Kale, Bukete, Bimpe, Jangu Ondabe, Ndi Mu Love, Bilungo and so many more songs accumulating to over 100.

Spice Diana has also collaborated with both local and international artists that including the late Mowzey Radio, Weasel Manizo, Pallaso, Aganaga, Jamaica's Orisha Sound, and the most recent being Rosa Ree among others.

While celebrating her birthday, she has shared the message below with her fans;

"Happy birthday to Me My fears I have defeated countlessly , my battles I have fought alone and still came out alive ,maybe not winning. my goals I have pursued and an empire I have started to build for myself . And today I am truly proud of who I am " she posted on her social media.

Watch the interview we had with Spice Diana below for her full biography:


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