Nsimbi Music Sells 'Infinity' Album to Kenya, Promises 'Infinity Collection' Clothing Line

Posted on November 30, 2021
By Sean Musa Carter
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Nsimbi Music has been touring Kenya for 9 days and now they have finally returned to Uganda ahead of their anticipated online performance as they also gear up to launch "Nsimbi Infinity Collection".

GNL Zamba and Miriam Tarmar, together making Nsimbi Muusic departed to Kenya on 21st November, 2021 where they were set to hold a media tour and now after selling the vibe to Kenyans, they have returned back home.

During the media tour, the duo comprising of Miriam Tamar and GNL Zamba visited some of the top media stations the +254 and made connections and interact with their fans whilst still promoting their new 5-track album ‘Infinity’.

Through their socials, Nsimbi music announced the upcoming collection;

" INFINITYπŸŒ€πŸŒ€πŸŒ€!!! Women are from Venus !!!
Don’t be scared of your creativity. It’s there all the time, and working for you. Speaking to you in the language of colors, light and shades.

The Nsimbi #Infinity Collection is coming !!!!
#Denim for #her
#Culture #Music #Fashion"-
they posted.